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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Folks who can be expected to be as helpful to the Abeler for Governor effort as they have been for their Senate District guy in office, Minnesota Senate.

Jolly, jolly, folly.

The proud, the few, the SD35 GOP trend setters. This link. These folks. This, their "latest news" page online. More a bunch of Facebookers than anything higher, better. Log in, to enjoy the Facebook experience. Or don't Facebook around, and risk feeling excluded from the select and elite. Like, I was inattentive, missed something really big:

Missed. June 8. A BBQ with Mary Franson.
A missed chance to watch them feed the animals.

And, the mystery of why Jim Bendtsen supports Tom Emmer. Lost to me, by their requiring a Facebook Log-in to get to see inner acolyte thought patterns. Reader help in a comment, please. Why does Jim Bendtsen support Tom Emmer? Anyone with that answer, please leave a comment. (Jim, you could too.)

Last, ooh, ooh, ooh, I can get into their "Photos" link, e.g.,

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