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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Timberwolves are a strong team. They just lose a lot.

The headline thought came to mind when I came across a CD6 GOP leadership ticket play.

Facebook, of course. There's a thing with Republicans and Facebook.

"Strong Team for CD6," they call themselves. Opening line:

We are running to serve the district and build from the strong momentum that has been built over the few years.

Yup. Those Timberwolves have had strong momentum built over the last few years. Damn few wins, but momentum in the direction they've been going.

(Conservatives conserve words, the word "last" being kept in reserve.)

Each of the strong team put in a blurb. Not all were striking:

Luke Yurczyk. College Republican Chair of Year in 2001. He volunteers.

Heather Todd Served as a lay-leader at Living Word Christian Center for 8 years. In additions, [sic] she is a founding and active member of Christians United for Israel.

Jen Niska Didn't do a word count, but noticed that the word "Tom" and the word "Emmer" were completly overlooked in describing accomplishments.

Evan Siljander Maintaining lists, and keeping records.

Andy Aplikowski In 2012 he was the Victory Center Coordinator. The words "Mitt" and "Romney" somehow got omitted.

Stacy Morse Has coordinated with candidates and volunteers for lit drops/door knocking, sign placements, phone banking and parades.

Because the Republicans are the party of free market social Darwinism, one hopes other equally illustrious tickets arise and compete. Since we wish nothing but the best for our Republican friends the anticipation will be the cream rising to the top, with one ticket to survive as the fittest. Likely by a triumph of will.

UPDATE: I have to applaud this GOP leadership ticket adopting the name "Strong Team," in deference to the title, "Big Ticket" already being taken.

Back to the headline, "Big Ticket" was the only title Garnett had to his credit until he got to Boston. The "Strong Team" members differ. They, or some among them, were helpful to a win, Branden Petersen's, with Tea cups now raised in salutation. They are our friends and neighbors, so bless them all. But be fair and notice that the entire webpage as captured at left, conserves words despite its length. Search it. Words "Ron" and "Paul" were consciously and conscientiously conserved so that another ticket may have its options.

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