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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

League of Minnesota Cities has an available online item about city designation of a legal newspaper.

The item can be downloaded in pdf format, from the LMC website, current as of June 2012, this link.

The key info is on p.3 of 20, citing Minn. Stat Sect. 331A.06, subd. 5,, with LMC stating:

A city generally designates an official newspaper. The city publishes notice in the official newspaper to inform the public of the city’s activities. Cities are authorized to enter into multi-year contracts with a qualified newspaper for publication of public notices. No multi-year contract may be for longer than three years.

That of course begs the question, of what is a newspaper, a real one and not somebody's pretense at being one, which is an important first-level inquiry, the first page of that LMC item reading as follows [click thumbnail to enlarge and read]:

If you believe "printed" means stuck up on somebody's website where you can go to the library and use one of the web stations to access it, or with difficulty track down a wabsite web master and have them chop a copy on an inkjet or laser printer, bless you, but printed to me means, well, "printed." As in really printed, not someone's self-serving handwaving smoke and mirrors tap dance.

A really printed newspaper. Have you any problem with that understanding?

If so, please leave a comment.

More later.

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