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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Latest news on Quistian wing of the GOP.

Hat tip, Avidor at DumpBachmann, reporting of this special election result.

A tardy post here, about stale news - Quist decisively losing the House Dist. 19A special election, yet, how does the result square with the stunning present public silence of Michele Bachmann? Little to no peeps even, from the screaming eagle. It must mean something.

Or am I reading too much into the yet-again defeated posture of one who is far overdue to shut up and go away? Do it for America, Allen. Bedtime for Bonzo.

We have to hope for improvement in the GOP, even if we favor the DFL. If their people can get elected, which they can, we want their best and not their Quists. Also, with regard to Republicans elected to hold office, always, quality is better than quantity. Quantity has proven that adage. Look at Wisconsin. Look back at Pawlenty years, in total but especially when TP himself was intimidated by dark forces from calling a cigarette tax a "tax."

He called it a "fee" and the eagle screamed and screeched and flew about in a rage. Or have you forgotten?

Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax. Not fee, TAX. Screech, screech, screech.

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