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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comments solicited. An open thread for any reasonable thoughts readers might want to share.

I will start things by raising an issue I wonder about. I could have used a sidebar poll, but an open thread, on any topic, with a brief post was my choice. ANOKA COUNTY WATCHDOG - your thoughts??? Is Harold Hamilton's opinion site relevant and sound, relevant but wrong, irrelevant, or would you rather discuss something else? Is the ANOKA COUNTY RECORD too tied to the WATCHDOG to be taken seriously, or is it objective and unbiased in your view? Is it in any real sense, "a newspaper?" Comments are moderated because some submitted in the past had insufficient merit to be published and indulged mainly in gutter talk. So, be sincere, and choose your wording carefully, please. But any topic, NRA, DFL, DARPA, trade with China, whatever.

Up for reader comment also, this report of City of Anoka capital spending on its Northstar stop area. More detail, here.  Also, City of East Bethel, branding and rebranding. That last item has comments to the report, while I have not looked for comments on the Anoka-Northstar stop reporting. Readers should check for comments in the Strib and ABC Newspapers reporting.

________FURTHER UPDATE_______
Strib reports rosy outlooks, in Ramsey. Perhaps people selling or wanting to sell used townhomes in Town Center may see an uptick in interest and pricing opportunity. Perhaps not.

Reader thoughts, about this?

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eric zaetsch said...

To start the ball rolling, a WATCHDOG quote, from here,


"Elections indeed have consequences. In Anoka County, those consequences have been nothing short of excellent for the hard working, middle class folks who make this fair county their home.

"This week, the county board repealed "prevailing wages" on large county projects, thereby saving taxpayers money.

"Prevailing wage requires a contractor to pay certain wages on a construction project, not what the market will bear.

"By repealing prevailing wages, a broader range of contractors will be able to compete for work and the price the taxpayers will pay will be more reflective of market conditions instead of a government-imposed wage that is often times higher than the average wage rate in the market.

"Sources tell us that it was a 4-2 vote, with Scott Schulte absent.

"Sivarajah, West, Look, and Braastad in favor. Kordiak and LeDoux opposed.


That is reporting news, and the [...] omitted the editorial ending. (After all, the opening paragraph was editorial enough, making the wrap-up redundant; i.e., you don't need a Weatherman to know which way the dawg's wind blows.

Any thoughts? Is "Sources tell us ..." pure weasel wording, (never mind the tense is wrong, "told us" being the truth of things)?

Woofer: WHO told you, Matt Look? Rhonda? Schulte, even though absent?

Oh, and "... tell us ..." reminds me of the Mark Twain quote about using the "editorial we," that the plural should be reserved for true royalty, pregnant women, or people with tapeworms.