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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Duck Duck Go is a web search engine that explains itself simply, in terms of other practices.

You can google= duck duck go

That gives you links. I give links. Here, here, here, here, and there is a user forum, here, with an example thread, here.

Two links discussing Duck Duck Go, here and here.

Wikipedia on "filter bubble," EFF, on "Do Not Track" and offering its "HTTPS Everywhere" for two browsers; an addon for Firefox [and an extension for Chrome]. Beyond that there is Adblock Plus [for both Firefox and Chrome], and NoScript [for Firefox]. The NoScript author also blogs.

As to browser preference, I keep and use both Firefox and Google Chrome, since for me Firefox is less helpful for some few functions than Chrome. I set Chrome as the default browser because if a site does not open sufficiently in Firefox with script blocking on, it is as easy or easier to open the page in Chrome as to alter NoScript page settings/exceptions [the addon "Open With" in Firefox is helpful]. I use Firefox more and prefer it, in general. I keep IE8 [Microsoft's Internet Explorer ver 8] for doing Windows Update, only. Among browsers, it alone has the updating for MS operating systems. WinXP, is the operating system I intend using into 2014, when Microsoft says they will no longer provide XP support, i.e., updating will cease, at which point I will change.

Also, despite any/all of the "tracking" and privacy considerations, I find Google searching to be better than other options, including Duck Duck Go. It seems that with web content bloat that Google search return quality is not what it once was, but they do a better job handling bloat and parsing a search than Bing or others.

Particularly helpful if using Google advanced search, is the ability to limit a search to a particular site, such as wanting City of Ramsey info, and specifying the site: If using only the single line Google search, one can specify


as part of the search string, just as


in a search string will focus the Google search to return pdf document format listings. I think Bing and Duck Duck Go use similar search parameter settings, but I admit I have not explored things.

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