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Monday, January 07, 2013

Do they have a commuter rail stop nearby, in Ashgabat? A subsumed parking ramp? An enclosed courtyard with pool?

This link, for Asgabat. Moreover (click this non-Ashgabat image to enlarge it) -

From here, p9. Does lower image show where the dish antennas go?

Readers may have noted that I agree with some things Matt Look has said or done. while disagreeing at other times; this being a part of a December 2008 ABC Newspapers report by Tammy Sakry, where opinions diverge:

“This is a tremendous project for the area,” said Councilmember Matt Look when the council approved the final [Flaherty] plat and final site plan.

It sets the bar architecturally in The COR and will provide local jobs, he said.

Emily McGlone got a Flaherty job provided, and as to setting the bar high, in a good sense, a "tremendous" sense, I disagree with that characterization.

We should appreciate the quality of unbiased reporting ABC Newspapers has provided about Ramsey over the past few years. Often, if not watching a meeting in person or on QCTV, the reporting was immediate, and comprehesive while tightly written, so that waiting for meeting minutes to be finalized very often was unnecessary. Sakry has done a good job. One thing ABC Newspapers did not have in focus (as outside of the geographical readership coverage), this BizJournal link, the other possible Flaherty TC-Metro region project involving Southdale Center in Edina; does any reader know if this is still a viable thing, or if the deal flipped? Leaving a reader comment of any such knowledge would be appreciated.

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