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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Anoka County's present majority bloc takes an action with which i agree, save $77,000 from something that is counterproductive to good government - certainly at that high a price.

Motives may revolve around Steve Novak's new job, but the outcome may be okay.

Who needs a county collective, to lobby. For counties against whom? Cities. Citizens?

We have EDAs, HRAs, and Port Authorities [the latter NOT in Ramsey, not now, hopefully never]. Squishy. Then lobbying atop that, for what? An NRPTA? A Not Ready for Prime Time Authority. Messy. And lobby for looser stuff, or what?

LMC, bad too, same nexus, cities vs counties. Lobby and counterlobby. One pie, lobbies for bigger relative peices? What?

Here are the Strib story link, and PiPress story link.

I do not know who Steve Novak is, having never met or phoned or corresponded with him.

But he must be something. To inspire such a petty little grudge. Indeed, a petty big grudge, given $77,000 is not chump change.

Readers are welcome to post a "like" or "dislike" comment. Not as in Facebook where you can only "like" and your "liking" pattern gets sold to merchandisers for what it's worth - little individually, much for collective data. Or whatever Facebook's money making plan/MO is.

You know the saying, "If you see the product as 'for free,' you are the product that is getting sold."

A 5-2 vote? I believe I read that. Without looking, guess which five, which two.

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