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Friday, May 27, 2016

Two Tweedles weigh in on Cuba. What's good for Cargill is good for the USA.

Strib itself, not an AP feed, "Keep pushing Cuban trade, Klobuchar and Emmer tell business leaders -- Two top Minnesota lawmakers say the business case will be key to building support to end the long-standing trade embargo, By Jim Spencer - Star Tribune - May 25, 2016 — 9:42pm."

“You have a case you can make as businesses,” Kobuchar told the group, which primarily included representatives of Minnesota’s corn, soybean and livestock industries, but also some from manufacturing and technology.

Emmer warned that “it is not enough to say you’re with us; you need to go person to person.” Hearing from a CEO responsible for local jobs is what it will take to convince the public, the Sixth District congressman said.

[...] Klobuchar and Emmer have traveled to Cuba since President Obama announced plans to try to normalize relations with the island country 90 miles from Florida. They returned convinced that good opportunities exist for American companies in tourism, agriculture, technology and construction.

Many of the businesspeople in Klobuchar’s office Wednesday participated in a White House Business Council meeting later in the day to discuss trade opportunities in Cuba. Most had traveled there since Obama announced his normalization plans.

Dee Dum. Dee Dum. If Lewis Carroll had written in a third Tweedle, it would be Strib. How in the world can you call it journalism, if an entire article is written about giving Cargill what Cargill wants; without [do the word search of the online item yourself] without ever mentioning Cargill by name? How can you do that with a clear conscience? What is it? The name we do not speak? The 800 pound gorilla in the room, so only say a group of animals?

Are we next to be having a different profit-seeking bloc wanting to be selling Cuba weaponry, as with Vietnam? Or would the fact Cuba neighbors us and not China quell the enthusiasms of any such profit-seeking bloc? Or if such enthusiams would stand unquelled, would saner minds prevail? The Tweedles together, on that question??? It looks like Clinton foreign policy to me, but without any paid speeches. So far.

UPDATE: In fairness to Klobucher and to Emmer, so far there has not surfaced any Klobuchar Foundation, nor any Emmer Foundation. Neither has moved in any such direction. Each has eschewed such opportunity.

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