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Friday, May 06, 2016

The Clintons doing all they can to alienate Sanders supporters; and may the chickens come home to roost. No need to reinvent the wheel. Things I might have posted, in part, but not as well. And going beyond things I'd read about by including a link or two.

It is as if establishment Dems [can you say Debbie WS?] want to alienate and push away millennials from THEIR PARTY. As when they claim "Bernie has not been a Democrat." That, idiots, is in his favor. He's not been stuck in that mud. The party has become a nest of Eisenhower-Rockefeller Republicans; in drag; and it's time to expose that for being counter productive to all that progressives favor.

That said, Steve Timmer in two incedibly tightly written posts (with a link or two but not overly derivative at all), does what I need not paraphrase, since he does it so well.



Linking here (in turn linking per example to 'truebluedonkey' here).

And Trump has maintained an insurgency and will take it to Cleveland where within the SECOND OF THE TWO PARTIES there are inner party scuts believing they should wag the dog [can you say Paul Ryan?] doing all they can to saddle Trump with baggage that did more harm than help to the Romney candidacy.

[On that latter point, see, e.g., Strib here and here.]

BUT DO NOT LET THE LINKS ABOUT THE OTHER PARTY DISTRACT YOU FROM READING THE TIMMER ITEMS ABOUT THE MESSED UP PARTY OF "FOOL ME ONCE, HELL, FOOL THEM EACH AND EVERY TIME AND KEEP A SMALL TENT AT ALL COSTS." A Wall Street here's the money - take the money tent; which does nobody any good aside from Wall Street and misguided hangers-on getting a from time to time table scrap.

A turn their backs on you after they've hustled your vote tent.

That one Reddit link from Timmer emphasizes two things. First, never in a million years would I have thought there was that much individual attention to Reddit. Or Facebook. I consider both hateful wastes of time. But the comment thread to the Reddit link was intriguing. Paid web trolls as a theme; shills, see e.g., HuffPo, here.

An AP feed Strib carried noted near the end:

Both Clinton and Trump head into the general election with historically high unfavorable ratings. But Clinton is generally popular within her own party, particularly with women and minority voters who are crucial to winning general election battleground states like Florida, Colorado and Nevada.

On both fronts it seems the inner party Angst is: even without love, there is loyalty.

That is why I am an independent. That same Strib item noted earlier in the text:

Bob Vander Plaats, an influential evangelical leader who backed Cruz, withheld his support for Trump Wednesday, saying the real estate mogul needs to prove his conservative credentials with his vice presidential pick and more information about what kind of judges he would appoint. "It's kind of a wait-and-see moment with Mr. Trump," he said.

For entirely different reasons, having both Trump and Clinton on record re VP and judicial appointments would interest me too.

Unless Trump caved in to the inner party awfulness of the GOP's Vander Plaats clone bunch, I could live with him as President. He's appeared honest so far; not getting rich out of career politicianism. Unlike others, that way.

But if Trump goes the easy route and departs from what got him to where he is, independence and insurgency against the likes of entrenched Orrin Hatch levels of egregiousness; and schmoozes with the GOP Ryan bunch in their call for "unity;" hey, I could under that kind of compelling circumstance vote for somebody I essentially believe to be a crook.

If Trump remains an insurgent, I can take a vacation when voting, as to the top spot on the ballot. And very likely would do so if it is to be the Clintons holding that spot, not Bernie. Downticket: SD35, HD35A, HD35B; I do support DFL. Congressional District 6; my vote will not make any difference whatsoever. Demographics are as they are, Wright County and other district backwaters being what they be.

BOTTOM LINE: Trump has his talking points. Hillary has her transcripts. Trump shares his. No public release of transcripts absolutely means not wanting my vote. Do it without me or not; but over a half a million dollars into her pocket not her campaign for "speeches" alone is hard to swallow, but then hiding the transcripts on top of it; that is disrespectful of the electorate. She accepts that quarter-million buck hourly rate, without backing a fifteen buck minimum wage; that is equally disrespectful. Disrespetful of basic human decency.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
This link. And this. Here. Here. Here. Here. November cannot come soon enough - the closer election day appraoches, the more we will see those squishy things evolve; and billions will be spent for one side or the other to buy the Presidency. One party or other; and with victory go the spoils. [UPDATE: As to telling you of the value of "to the victor go the spoils," Eric Holder, his law firm, and all the unprosecuted Wall Street crooks from the various mortgage real estate backed derivatives promotions could be the chior singing that tune; where Goldman Sachs even issued a derivative security touted to its hedge fund clients and then hedged its own portfolio against it being a loser; etc., etc. Jail overcrowding surely was not the motive for the non-prosecutions. Space could have been found.]

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