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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shameful dissembling Clinton camp garbage.

Strib carrying something it dredged up in California's Central Valley, and should be ashamed for printing.

The Clintons have had all the privileges career politicians who show themselves very ethically challenged when money's on the table can have.

This link. What's wrong with this picture: Whining surrogates, keening that Bernie would be scapegoated for a Clinton loss, despite the distasteful Clinton personas, and the inclusion of the likes of Debbie Wasserman Schultz in their plans and schemes; along with inner party Dems who simply know insufficent levels of shame themselves.

What's right with that pile? Zippo.

That said, this dissembling link. Someone should tell that arrogant candidate thinking she's somehow privileged by some divine hand to an easy candidacy without questions of ethical matters, "you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone."

Lady, don't know how to swim? Not my problem. I'm an independent. Not in hock to any situation.

Do not start to scapegoat Bernie for the flaws in others.

It is indelicate. It offends. It makes folks stay home in cold November.


Anonymous said...

Supporting and rigging things for Hillary is gonna cost the democrats and the country in November. The political landscape is gonna shift, dramatically after this election. Both the democrats and republicans are falling from favor and I see the possible emergency of other players on the political stage. Time to take our country back.

"Those who make political evolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

eric zaetsch said...

Thanks for reading. And for commenting. Politics as usual seems more and more too usual for many. Perhaps the evil of the student lending intent to start young people out behind the 8-ball will backfire. They need to figure out their alternatives, and how to reach a better nationhood and world. But starting them out in a pit aims to induce compromise, not in any good way, but in a way of, "I got a shovel, and am out, good luck to you." Not sharing a shovel.