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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Larry Klayman loses appeal of a summary judgment dismissal of his defamation suit against local people and media.

Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie posts the news, in context, and links to the online Eleventh Circuit unpublished opinion affirming the trial court's dismissal. Not at issue in that litigation, whether Klayman is an idiot or bully and whether he uses litigation for questionable purposes fitting his whim and fancy. The value judgment of whether Klaymen is good or bad for the nation is, of course, not really justiciable. Larry's opinion there might differ from mine, while on a case by case basis and not via an in toto consideration, some of Klayman's litigation has had merit. Suing NSA comes to mind.

In a separate recent Bluestem Prairie posting, Sorensen looks at the Darlene Miller Republican CD2 campaign, linking here.

Mention of the second item is because it links to an item containing the statement, "Even former fan and Tea Party conservative Tom Emmer is turning his back on Darlene Miller because it’s clear her non-existent campaign is a one-way ticket to nowhere." That's not within the Sorensen item. It is in the linked item. Is that defamatory? More interesting a question, might Miller and Klayman file a suit against the DCCC claiming so?

And, if you are going to talk about or write about Larry Klayman in a Minnesota context, what's he done lately for his former Minnesota client, beloved Pastor Bradlee Dean? And vice versa?

After a websearch, it appears Bradlee Dean is still going. Not getting headline media coverage, as if yesterday's darling is today's non-issue, but still Bradlee at his thing.

Apart from Bradlee Dean, clearly so, it is an interesting turn of words "one-way ticket to nowhere."

Oh, apart from Larry Klayman too. Of course.

To the left, a current Pastor Dean self-image. Not holding a cash box. Not holding a cross. It interestingly appears that if you enter into your browser the URL of what had been a Dean alternative to manual labor,

it will auto-rotor to:

(an apparently different Dean alternative to manual labor, and source of the image)

All that is per the return list of a websearch, "Bradlee Dean." Another link to the good Pastor's recent collected writings, here, has the sidebar plea: --
Friends, favor to ask. Would you consider sharing this article on my new book "Hating Jesus: The American Left's War on Christianity"? Trying to get the word out on the book and rally the troops in the battle against the Christ-hating secular Left. Thanks! Matt

So here it is:

Remember, you saw this shoutout at Crabgrass well before any appearance on any Freedom Club web location or any billboard along any major highway. Don't contribute to Abigale's or Peggy's campaign. Buy this book instead.

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