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Friday, May 06, 2016

Identify this Minnesota legislator. And in a comment, let other readers know what the individual has done for the represented district.

Date of Birth: 12/19/1961
Birth Place: Corydon, Iowa
Gender: Female
Religion: Evangelical Christian
Occupation (when first elected): Small Business Owner; Real Estate Investment Company, Scott Property Investments

Wayne Community High School; Secondary;
Lowthian College; Junior College/Community College; Fashion Merchandising, Associate's Degree, 1983

Municipal Board/Commission: Andover, Minnesota (Parks and Recreation Commission); ??/??/???? to ??/??/2008

Total Days Served: 2678

Affiliated with this spousal-managed, on-again, off-again registered Minnesota speculative investment venture (not appearing to be in the business of merchandising fashion).

Identity might be an easy one, for some readers. Done for District, that hummer might be thorny. No official easily researched Minnesota government site directly gives listings of bills-authored and passed into legislation; so helping on that has to be part of the done for the district query.

Readers, please pay attention and help on done for district. It is important. It is why folks get sent to do legislative business.


Wes Volkenant said...

I'll take Unidentified Legislator for 200, Eric.

And the question is, "Who is Peggy Scott?"

I think you're reading my mind, Eric. A real question for voters in 35B is "What has Peggy Scott done for you?" She's had 8 years. Name one thing she's done to help make your lives better after 8 years.

Do you like that traffic on Highway 10 and Hanson Blvd (CSAH 78), which her House Republicans want to make the County and the cities pay for upgrading?

Do you like how she tried to keep gay couples from getting married - I'm sure that made life better for both the gays and lesbian couples and everyone else who were being so hurt by this?

Do you like how she wants to make police jobs that much harder by insisting on homeowner permission despite judges' warrants before entering private homes in the course of investigations?

Do you like how much better life is because Peggy came out in opposition to those who suggest climate change is real and having a dreadful impact on our environmental well-being?

Do you like how much safer our restrooms will be by preventing persons of transgender identities from using the restroom that best fits their identity? I'm sure those transgender persons will be so much safer, too, when they walking into the men's room wearing a blouse and slacks, or even a dress, or the opposite.

And of course, while Peggy Scott and her Republican caucus fought and fought against dragging Minnesota into participating in the Real ID process, because it just felt like such an infringement on our privacy rights, don't you like how the rest of the nation saw us fighting something that didn't need to be prevented, and brought us to the brink of not being able to fly elsewhere without our birth certificates.

It'd be nice to say Peggy Scott fought to make education more accessible to more Minnesota families. But no.

It'd be nice to say that Peggy Scott fought to make voting easier, simpler, and nearly universal for Minnesotans, instead of fighting to put up voting barriers.

It'd be nice to say Peggy Scott fought to find ways of financing our aging infrastructure improvements without taking it away from other important parts of the budget. But no.

It'd be nice to say that Peggy Scott fought for our poorest and most disadvantaged communities and citizens by raising our public assistance amounts, by going to the residents of North Minneapolis to find solutions to the racial disparities they face daily, and by positively supporting the changes the Affordable Care Act brought through the statewide MNSure program - instead of regularly opposing the program with the failed Republican effort to put more residents into private insurance programs.

So yeah, it's kinda tough for people of my political persuasion to find much of anything that Representative Peggy Scott has brought to us in her eight years in St. Paul.

Peggy Scott's Opponent in November

eric zaetsch said...

Eight years is a long time.

Probably after a morning's struggle putting on makeup, she's been through for the day.

War paint, but no stomach for any real war. That's for leadership.

But how she talks the talk to her ever-narrowing base.

Here's one thing that perplexes me. She's been in the House longer than Kurt Daudt, almost twice as long:

Total Days: 2680

Total Days: 1952

What made one considered by colleagues as fit for leadership; and the other given a committee chair, maybe, based on seniority? Will to do the job? Will to serve both State and District, aside from outside fluff? Character?

At any rate, a brick could have done Peggy's job as well as Peggy; but she sure gravitated to divisive marginal issues. Like a paperclip to a magnet. The closer, the stronger the attraction. It seems a trait among both the senior and junior present SD35 House members to glom onto divisive marginal issue mongering opportunity, whenever, wherever.

Wes, in his comment, has written well of issues.

Is it time for a Scott supporter to rebut?

Any comment from a Scott supporter shall be published. Peggy herself can respond, if time from the job exists. Given her level of dedication to serving real governmental needs, the time should be there. If not the will, the time.