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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Easy editing, easy journalism. Find some crank who'll give you a comment, and publish. If it's GOP, then it will be a Cruz crank.

Red Tee Shirt time.
Ted Cruz time.
MnPost under a headline readers are welcome to dispute, "'Never Trump' is toast in the Minnesota GOP. Can the party move on in one piece? - By Sam Brodey | 05/23/16". Moving on in one peice? Well both front and back halves of the elephant are linked together with that thick midsection; yet in any event deja vu, too, this mid-item quote:

When convention weekend finally arrived, the anti-Trump sentiment was palpable in the halls of the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center.

Key anti-Trump leaders struggled to get an accurate read on the size of the anti-Trump contingent at the convention — estimates ranged from 20 to 40 percent — but they were visible: some attendees wore Rubio sweatshirts; others wore Cruz hats and buttons.

In the convention hall, alongside booths for Trump, the endorsed congressional candidates and an often-unmanned Hispanic Republican Assembly of Minnesota booth was a Cruz for President booth.

Wayne Buchholz, a convention attendee representing the 35th Senate District in Anoka County, was wearing a Cruz hat and sticker as he spoke with other Cruz supporters in the registration hall Friday morning. “Trump is not a conservative,” he said. “I’m hoping we can get enough delegates at the nationals that are supporting Cruz that will overturn Trump if he doesn’t get it on the first ballot.”

His wife Maria, wearing a Cruz sticker and a button proclaiming “Socialism Sucks,” added that she could not “in good conscience” vote for Trump. What was the best course of action at the convention now, though? “As far as what I’m gonna do, I don’t have an answer for you,” Wayne said. “No matter which way we go, this party is just being ripped in two.”

Aptly, the event, as reported, was held at an "Entertainment and Convention Center." So, which end of the elephant backed Cruz?

UPDATE: Disagreement often is a good thing, yet there is charm given that reported 20 - 40% estimate, to the phrase:

The #NeverTrump rump.

Bridge would be an entirely different game if a #NeverTrump mentality were to take hold.

FURTHER UPDATE: Don't those clowns read? This from the MinnPost item, later text than the prior quote:

NeverTrumpers surprised at defeat

Shortly after the resolution was defeated, Thul entertained a trickle of delegates who came to thank him. “I am surprised it failed,” he told MinnPost. “I think people read more into the resolution than we intended.”

Thul said he wasn’t bitter. “We had a democratic process. We got to have a debate on it,” he said. But in the minutes after the vote, he said, two party county chairs already told him they would be resigning, too. “We talk about politicians — you can’t trust them, they’re in it for themselves, they never hold to their principles,” Thul said. “If we, as activists, don’t hold to our principles, how do we expect our elected politicians to do the same?”

Hudson said that the whole episode was demoralizing. That the response was “so swift and so uniformly critical… It did take me off guard, because a lot of the people who were offering the critique like, a week prior, had been fervently anti-Trump,” he said.

“To me,” he said, “it’s a credibility factor. How do we go forward saying we stand for these principles that our nominee blatantly, flagrantly violates and campaigns against, and pretend we’re going to credibly advance them moving forward?”

Credibility? They listen to Cruz telling them stories, and don't look at Open Secrets showing the same corporate interests that funded Clinton funded Cruz; and that Cruz family bread on the table comes from Heidi Cruz' Goldman Sachs upper echelon income; the same Goldman Sachs that paid a $250,000 wage to a lady unsure of whether a fifteen buck minimum wage is a good idea - a lady calling herself a Democrat. Heidi Cruz, with her CFR background. Same clowns watch a Coors commercial, "We make top quality beer with Rocky Mountain water," and think, "Gee. They make good beer. They said so." It's no different than taking a measure of Ted Cruz by what he says. Follow the money has no meaning to conservatives intent upon conserving the wealth status of George Carlin's "It's one big club and you ain't in it" club, which they ain't in.

Bozo the clown knew who P.T. Barnum was, so a step ahead, and a big step.

What exactly do you suppose Ms. Clinton told the Goldman folks at $250,000 an hour? "You guys better watch out once I'm elected President?" Or, "You'll have a tough row to hoe, this money buys nothing?" They invest. $250,000 was an investment. Including repeat performances. My bet, she sang as pretty as she could, "With a Little Help From My Friends." Each appearance.

Is follow the money that hard a principle to understand? But is understanding anything real and not campfire story-telling the goal, any of those people's goal, or is the message one of feeling important while venting together? Church goers convening. Taxpayer League scapegoaters of others wanting little beyond live and let live; more obsessed with embryos than with fairness to living plodding suffering humans making less than ten bucks an hour. The bunch: Dutifully putting on kick me signs, for the rich to read and follow.

Who says the public does not care?
Gary Larson cares.
The Clinton example was posed before Guardian published this item about Trump's saying "Crooked Hillary" and should she fight back or let it roll like water off a duck's back. Fact is she lacks that choice if declining still to release transcripts. I'm not crooked, but the public does not really care about what I said to Goldman Sachs? Does any such foolishness wash with you? No transcripts, sit and suffer; with presumptive opinion only to grow that release of the transcripts would make the attack phrase even more barbed.

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