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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Hey grassroots, why the drying up?

Brother can you spare a dime?
A reader forwarded an "aim high after all it's head of the DNC" solicitation email, stating in relevant part:

We’ll get to the point. And fast.

Here’s what we’ve raised so far this month: $19,640

Here’s where we need to be by May 31st: $25,000

May is almost over, and as you can see, we’re behind. The worst thing we could do right now would be to give up. This update wasn’t meant to discourage anyone -- it’s meant to fire us all up.

We can still reach our May goal. It’s not too late, yet. Can you step up and give $5 or $10 today?

[...] Debbie needs [... but does not heed - and, end of story]. She has six opponents to fend off, and we don’t want her to be worried that she won’t have the resources to hold them all back.



Debbie not worth twenty five grand? Not even worth a tiny pinch of sand? Those grassroots long ago quit pumping, for the likes of an entrenched third rate biased bozo. And why not, given the giant Sanders crowds and the DNC treatment of level playing norms, mistaking Sanders and his crowds for a toilet? Who in their right minds would have given that sorry excuse for leadership more than nineteen grand? Superdelegates paid that much? Why? Or was it super egos? Albright and Steinem not wanting shame on themselves? Who?

NO - I would not admit it either.

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