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Friday, April 22, 2016

The dismal, depressing march of the establishment Dems to cram Hillary Clinton down our unwilling throats aside, there are good local DFL candidates in SD35.

The New York snub of indepentent Bernie voters wanting to vote that way in the recent primary, where you had to declare a party affiliation there back in October, is a symbol of non-openness that is both oppressive and ugly.

The GOP planning on the other side to undermine Trump is equally off-setting; but together both trends show the total sickness of the two-party stranglehold in our nation. It needs to be undone.

If a Clinton Cramdown together with GOP counter-Trump effort leads to a Clinton vs Ryan, or a Clinton vs. Cruz contest it's hold-your-nose-because-this-time-is-truly-lesser-evil-time. It would be awful. If the Trump insurgency succeeds, as still seems likely, a Trump vs Clinton contest would feature two obscenely rich 1%ers, one who in business competition enlarged greatly an inherited fortune and the other who has been a career politician taking money as given, doing so along with spouse and daughter appearing to have the exact same modus operandi. Figure out who's the better choice there if busting the two-party establishment's stranglehold on behalf of lobbying wealth and disgraceful influence peddling is necessary in your mind. Or does the "other party" bogey man [woman] thing bias your choice in two-party think mode?

HOWEVER: Locally, things are less awful; where GOP same-old Peggy Scott and Peggy Scott clone Abigale Whelan are opposed by decent humans; with a side bar item linking and excerpting ABC Newspapers reporting, originlly online here.

An item linked to before, needing re-emphasis. Frank Zappa, here.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
It looks as if the copyright police got to that Zappa link. If you shop around YouTube you'll likely find a still-posted Zappa musical version. If not, metrolyrics, here. A Chumbawamba cover, effectively done, online here.

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