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Friday, April 15, 2016

The cowardness of anonymity strikes again.

Wes Volkenant, the DFL's candidate for Minnesota's HD 35B House seat is posting interesting things online:

Earlier Wes had posted at length about a self-appointed self-annointed community scold with sufficient free time to send unwanted stuff to people per the anonymous rubric: American News Center, 55401.

I got such a mailing earlier this week, hand addressed in an unsteady hand, postmarked 553xx and not from the 55401 zipcode.

The stamp cancelling did not print the final two digits in postmarking the item.

Inside the envelope, stuff. Wasted paper, wasted trees. However the fine baby-Jesus stamp, a reproduced Raphael from the Walters Art Museum got torn in opening the envelope, below Mary's eye line.

That stamp item is a 2011 Christmas memorial stamp, so the nuisance mailer must have bought a civil defense shelter's supply when put out by the USPS; this link, the Raphael being titled for U.S. Mail purposes, " Item 679500, First Class Mail, Nondenominated Madonna of the Candelabra by Raphael (Forever priced at 44 cents), PSA Double-sided Booklet of 20 Stamps."

It is most unfortunate that this sicko who with a stash of 2011 issued Madonna/Child stamps is still going on and on like the pink battery bunny pursuing a nuisance mailing campaign w/o exhausting the years-old stamp stash; (giving an intended but unreal impression of being a Good-Christian that way); had to go to the head during the part of the one sermon on loving others as much as you love yourself. Hopefully it was a trip to the head, and not a burning self-loathing that has this first-stone throwing idiot acting like a spoiled five-year-old.

My only request, should this posting cause another "American News Center, 55401" letter to reach my mailbox, aside from hoping it is as the last one, free of anthrax spores, is that it again be posted under the Madonna/Child stamp, (Raphael did good work); and also in an informed and adept true Christian spirit of addressing a scorning blog post, that it turn the other cheek. In fact, a long seven page hand written letter explaining motivations (use two stamps given the weight) would be more appreciated than clipped trashbasket fodder. That's not asking much. Indeed, it is not asking the coward to change approach and disclose his/her identity as reasonableness might dictate. After all, this is clearly an unreasonable person, so why ask a stranger to change? That's a question between the individual and his/her Savior, whoever each might be.

In noting Wes Volkenant had posted earlier about a similar mail in the mailbox situation, it is proper to emphasize that the writing Wes is posting goes well beyond that past event and is worth reading for its merit, including the most recent post on the Scalia "originalism" fetish over a document passed by a batch of wealthy landowners fearing mob rule but wanting to dump a taxing authority an ocean apart when wars on the Continent provided opportunity, such wealthy land barons: owning title to other humans, not wanting women to vote or hold office, delivering messages by horse and buggy, without a CIA, NSA, the bomb, the pill, or other intrusiveness and without an entrenched two-party chokehold on their world. So, Scalia said following - indeed tracking as best achievable in his infallible mind - the very footsteps of that hooty lot was fine with him and growth and change should not get in his way. Wes says it more discretely and with less bias, so have a look.


________FURTHER UPDATE________
How about this for "American News Center,55401?"

Are you now or have you ever been a card carrying member of the Freedom Club of Minnesota's west metro?

Along those Freedom Club lines, from the SD35 GOP candidate that Freedom Club sabotaged by going negative in mailings against Jim Abeler; this "hello world" promise of more to come. New apple logo on the browser tab bar, neutral feel-good-rural-America-enjoy-apple-pie header image. The hope is that Aplikowski resumes online publishing as candid as ever. His forthright postings were a good adjunct to a morning cup of coffee, and checking email. In writing, Aplikowski never hesitated to "speak" his mind. He was not a politician talking around things.

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