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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

HuffPo posts of a petition. Everybody should sign the petition as proper. The shoe fits and she should wear it. "Hillary Clinton's stances, while fluid during this election cycle, are historically most in tune with classical Republican ideas, as advocated by Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and others. As a young woman, she volunteered for the conservative Barry Goldwater, and while today she's become liberal on some social issues, she's generally at home with moderate conservative ideas, such as a hawkish military, strict immigration laws, reduced welfare, laissez-faire rules for Wall Street, and international business treaties that favor large corporations. One group started a petition this year asking Clinton to run as a Republican, suggesting that while she is 'liberal on some issues, on a wide range of important issues she lands squarely as a moderate conservative.' "

HuffPo, this link, the petition, this link. Readers are urged to access and read the entire HuffPo item.

Bernie is a New Deal democrat, hence the only real Democrat running; and the party of Franklin Roosevelt has turned its back on Franklin Roosevelt, Justice Douglas, Hugo Black, and too many of the unions cannot deliver rank and file votes in the interest of rank and file union members.

Dick Nixon would smile as Mrs. Clinton references Henry Kissinger. He was a crook. Nixon that is. Kissinger was what you'd make of him, and Peter Sellers' Dr. Strangelove characterization was indicative of how some might regard Dr. K. as well as Edward Teller.

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