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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Eylash beauticians and solar gardens are legislative matters this session.

Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie, here and here.

Then this, about "BLM."

To me the BLM always was the BLM. Abbreviation preemption just confuses us old folk.

It to me still means the ones Ted Cruz hates on in harmony with the Bundys, that BLM which is having 247.3 million acres of federal land to administer; that being 247.3 million acres more than Black Lives Matter holds to administer.

Just saying, my BLM's held sway since 1946. At my age I appreciate longevity over - should I say it - fads and fashions, because wisdom suggests holding one's breath until Black Lives Matter blasts through the load of stuff it has to push aside would not be a recommended practice, for one my age or younger.

UPDATE: This is the kind of news below much MSM radar at which Sorensen excels in reporting. As with the large scale "solar garden" conflict of interest posting headlined, linked to again, here.

Wherever there is even the possible appearance of a conflict of interest, the better practice is for the conflicted person to recognize things and to step back from an advocacy situation. Enough others are around to work situations out; the conflicted can rely on that, and look better doing so.

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