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Monday, March 21, 2016

Trump hate groupings: UNIONS?

Right, he has repeated how he "loves the evangelicals," but he has said zippo about needs and hopes of sensible union members.

Why? Go figure.

Trump is, unless unequivocally disclaiming it - and then can you trust him - a dyed in the wool Koch union-hating right to work proponent.

It is how you have to figure things.

What's his history in the Trump Empire; on union friendliness? Or animosity? Or indifference, but perhaps wanting in his building urge to pay less than prevailing wages [can you say, "Anoka County"].

Rest assured. You are NOT going to see Trump challenged on the UNION QUESTION by the likes of Ted Cruz. Nor Kasich.

Ted Cruz, forget it.

So, all you Trumpster old white guys with a grudge, is Trump your answer if your UNION job's been shipped to China or, per NAFTA, to Mexico? Or because of "right to work" bias, to South Carolina?

What's in Trumpery for you? Judging from what he's done, as well as what he says?

Unions made America great fighting for worker rights throughout the 20th Century; so to "Make America Great Again," go figure that out for yourselves.

I do not know the Trump record on prevailing wage or union employment. I can guess, but it should be of record in mainstream media. Yet that unionization question is silently faced, largely, by mainstream outlets.

About all there is that is reported, is this.

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