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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Of course . . . Now why did I not think of that?

This link, the fabric of logic, intact with other signs. And folks in Minnesota understand.

My first thought was Cheney in the hunting party, with his shotgun, and they were hushing it up.

Quail hunting they say. So the Cheney theory fits.

Myocardial infarction they say. We have heard that story before. And "natural causes," more recently. Heart attack.

Urgent calls for an autopsy. That, if not a mere whitewash, could prove or disprove the Cheney theory. I think they should do it. No hand waving this and that, and quickly cremate the body.

Do an autopsy, disprove the Cheney theory. Or just shut up.

Growing legs, with no real body of substance to place them onto, e.g., here, here and here; each to the same effect. It is painful to read facts, and in light of them having to give up the Cheney theory, because it was so nice a conjecture. Like the guy Cheney did shoot in the face, that was a warm-up for the big thing, etc., all that destroyed by what, mere facts? Any replacement short of Ted Cruz being nominated and taking the job, would be an upgrade. Scalia was bad, but aside from hyperbole in the prior sentence, John Roberts is breathing proof that worse than Scalia is not only imaginable, but actual. Start with a Roberts clone, mix in a pinch of Alito, Thomas, and it becomes downright frightening.

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