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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A caveat for Sanders supporters intending to attend the March 1 SD35 DFL precinct caucuses.

Don't fall for any bait and switch: While not knowing how other precinct caucuses will be handled, the "presidential preference poll" in SD35 caucusing will be apart from the designation of delegates for the next convention - caucus levels.

If Feel the BERN folks show up, do the preference thing and boogie home, they will be short changed.

A Sanders preference victory, but with Clinton-committed delegates actually moving on, is a Pyrrhic victory, at best. Or no victory at all. Delegates at the final convention is what will matter. Delegate selection is APART FROM AND NOT BOUND BY any particular preference poll outcome.

So do not just touch first base. Stay to hit a home run.

If packing a caucus is the aim, keep it packed. If Clinton has the wherewithal to win the preference and the delegates, then "majority rule" will be how it is, end of story. Ditto if Sanders has both. But a split, Sanders "preferred," Clinton cleaning the table; that would be inner party "democracy" in action.


[Readers - If this analysis is flawed, please post a comment explaining why, or send an email. It is how I read the tea leaves, from a less than fully trusting view of two party politics at play. Saying "preference" is different from saying "binding preference" from where I was schooled.]

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