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Monday, December 07, 2015

Jerry Falwell Jr. has taken over the family nuisance business, and is at it full tilt.

This link. Then also, here, reporting that the Fallwell Jr. focus is on which Muslims ...

His call urging students to arm themselves was met by thunderous applause from the far-right student body in attendance, which included roughly 13,000 of the 14,000-plus students who live on campus, since the three times weekly convocation is mandatory to attend, reported NBC News. Thousands more of Liberty University’s 95,000 online students also watched Falwell urge students to arm themselves.

Despite the support Falwell received from the student body, he met with backlash for his comments from others, including a Liberty University student on social media, which prompted him to take the defensive in a Twitter response.

@BaaOutLoud listen to the video carefully. I made it clear which Muslims I meant. Some press reports only printed part of my quiote

— J L Falwell (@JerryJrFalwell) December 5, 2015

Still, Falwell remained largely unrepentant after making the inflammatory comments and he retweeted a variety of tweets that supported his views, including one that said “SUCK IT, Muslim extremists” and also provided a link to the weapons course at Liberty University.

That apple fell right dead square under the twisted tree.

The clincher, highlighted in this report -

“Jesus said ‘Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s,’ and part of that was to go to war, protecting whatever nation was under control of the king.”

This link. (Source of the below image)

Isn't that what IS is doing, only with a minor difference, go to war for the Caliphate? Reader comments distinguishing one from the other are welcome.

Note white doves of peace in background

So, how does Junior differ from the old man? That one is easy. He tweets.

FURTHER: Junior's been photographed with something of a beard.

Anything else worth mentioning?

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