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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

It's all over the MSM [mainsteam media]. Trump talks against Muslim entry into his US of A. Not safe, what?

Read all about it.

N.Y. Times.


USA Today.

Is there anything more mainstream than that troiks? It's all over MSM.

And don't take my word for it, do your own websearch.

What puzzles me is if he truly feels that way, why is he such a suck-up when money is involved?

Not Allah, not Jehovah, but Mammon?

As the man says in another video, "Enjoy it."

Also all over MSM, name calling in unison, so, is Trump a fascist?

Likely, it depends on how you define "fascist," who is offering/selling you a definition.

So Crabgrass can join the parade: If "fascist" means opportunist, Trump is one. Otherwise, watch carefully your wording.

_________FURTHER UPDATE___________
One man's opportunist is another man's terrorist; although if you drew a Venn diagram, there'd be more overlap than a single individual.

(At least Cruz too ...)

_________FURTHER UPDATE___________
From before the first of the 2015 Republican debates. A YouTube commentator views Trump as on the identical Ship of Fools as the remainder of the Republican wannabe candidates - predicting the others should weigh that and shudder. That was before the debates.

_________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Two more YouTube commentaries; here and here, by recognized scholars.

Jeb! - now he is more than Trump a paradigm American mainstream politician; Bush family style; if you understand, on the Web, it is truth - or so some suggest.

Woo - second source. How about that.

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
Talk about piling on; not just the GOP orgy of the long knives, but this. That goes back to the start of this post; and brings to mind this. Will Dubai let him back in, and if so would it only be if he is listed somehow, somewhere, persona non grata?

Trump dumped. And they did not even hold a ceremony.

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