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Monday, May 11, 2015

Warmongering 101 - Count me in, says the Jebberwock.

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Okay. Not ducking that issue. Will likely VP candidate and apparent designated anti-Hillary attack person Carly Fiorina agree?

Two quite short YouTube videos, here and here.

First Pappy. Then W. So, now Jeb wants his turn at a Middle East war extravaganza?

Family chops, keeping the faith? Or fob all blame off on neocon advisors?

Bad intelligence? Ditto, 9/11 unpreparedness?

And, bring Paulson back at Treasuary, for Sept. 2008 redux?

September surely has been an unkind month for that dynasty.

UPDATE: And then there was May Day ...

And, follow the yellow cake road.

FURTHER UPDATE: And if the Jebberwock wants to whine over and over, "Bad intelligence ..." that is a word that can be taken two ways, and the intelligence at the helm then is linked genetically to Jeb's. Ditto for the judgment back then too.

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