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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Name calling, "socialist," or "communist," is easy and stupid. Look at the list and in a comment tell me which item(s) state policy ideals with which you'd disagree.

Residual Forces, Andy A. on his name-calling high horse, and gee, it is a surprise?

Policy listed items that are "socialist" and hence bad, bad, bad, to a superficial view; in a thumbnail: at the left margin (click it to enlarge and read).

I had to post the screen capture. I did not want any reader believing I am making up something. Andy actually posted that. Really. He did.

He must want wild-west laissez-faire (screw your neighbor - don't fence my range) stuff, or what? Is he against every one of the listed policy points, or would he agree with one, two, or more? When he does not indicate that, and bandies about name calling he thinks cute, what's to say? Is it a credible viewpoint, to you? To the CD6 and SD GOP leadership, who have made Andy a part of their leadership? One hopes more sober minds reject firebrand stuff.

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