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Friday, May 29, 2015

Hillary the Movie. Who's effort was that, where did it lead, and where will it?

It is a tapestry fit to be woven in Hollywood. First, in case you have forgotten:

Yes, it is still around. And if diligent and interested, you can obtain the DVD. From whom? Enlarge the thumbnail and see.

Now there is this; NY Times, news fit to print, "Today in Politics: Hillary Clinton Says Citizens United Would Guide Supreme Court Picks":

Most presidential candidates go out of their way to avoid appearances of having a litmus test for Supreme Court appointees. So it was unusual when Mrs. Clinton on Monday said publicly that she did have such a metric: overturning the Citizens United decision of 2010.

“I will do everything I can to appoint Supreme Court justices who protect the right to vote and do not protect the right of billionaires to buy elections,” Mrs. Clinton said while on Day 1 of a two-day swing through Iowa.

The remark was praised by liberals and denounced by conservatives, who said it was at odds with the “super PAC” supporting her, made possible by the Citizens United decision.

Either way, it was a clear message from Mrs. Clinton, who so far, has laid out campaign planks but no overarching message.

Part of a story, here. HuffPo. Slate.

Opinions can differ, but to me it is both ironic and wise for the candidate to hand that slush bunch back their own brand, in spades. It's Robert's creation, so hand it back to him as the damaged goods it is and has been from his first signing the evil opinion. A classic "goes around, comes around" thing the stellar jurist surely earned.

Of course, Hillary has to get elected first ...

UPDATE: WaPo calls it a "litmus test." Right wing terminology? A threat to "pack the court" one outlet vents. If corporations are "people" as the exceptional 5 in the majority opined, what next, the clowns saying corporations can vote?

Hillary is spot on correct on that one. It is one of the dumbest and most pernicious things to come out of DC, and it never should have been decided as the five political hacks did. They should be hiding their heads in shame.

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