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Friday, May 15, 2015

Dan Burns posts at MPP part 3 of "How Minnesota Republicans are screwing rural voters"

This link, with quotes and links all should read and follow.

The Republican agenda of un-taxing the mega-rich plutocracy; this time re business property, starting with an exemption of half a million dollars on a corporation's property, prior to entirely ending the business realty (and personal property?) taxation; causes an immediate two questions to come to mind. First, does Cargill run each grain elevator via a separate closely held LLC for each, and if so would each LLC get that exemption? Second, is there federal preemption against taxing BNSF easement rights as well as the replacement value of laid rail, by the states? Just wondering, when a tax policy is touted, whose benefit might be greatest (in terms of who's touting the step of taxing occupant-owned housing to the hilt because the plutocrats of greed want a free ride)?

Hey, ask a third one: Is each Daytons' Target store a separate LLC, and apply question 1 there. That may relate to whether the Governor is on board or not, to sign a bill if one is passed to him by the legislature.

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