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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"4. the bigger point of this article isn’t actually about economic inequality, it’s about ecology. all of us, rich and poor, are going to have to change the ways we create value, measure success, make money, and live our lives if we want our planet to be habitable for future generations."

The headline is a quote of the page-ending paragraph, here, and curiously presents a hypothetical [worded "if"] that is the last thing the Koch brothers care about. Their focus is upon keeping power in their hands and the hands of their elite by birth into wealth cohorts. They are extreme short term thinkers, wanting to rape the world's resources to increase their power and status, now. Never mind ten or two hundred years from now. They are extreme short-term buy-the-politicians thinkers. If we are to become more planet friendly it will have to start with birthrate curbs, and giving up the extreme profligate wastefulness of the automobile. If we do not consciously change, disease and peak oil and exhaustion of other resources will impose the same end result - adapting to a limited planet, but with much more human misery in the process. The planet is finite. Population cannot keep exponentially increasing in that context.

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