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Monday, January 27, 2014

Another Republican state legislator, like Nienow, with a half million dollar debt that appears delinquent. Not an SBA loan, a real property mortgage.

Bluestem Prairie reports.

Raving idiots having misfortune, as a random thing, may not be news. Lenders pulling the plug on recalcitrant individuals expected to be allies, if happening, might be news. One has to wonder on the indebtedness of each and every legislator, who holds the payback paper, and is debt used by those not wanting sunshine on them, as a tool in their arsenal to manipulate those in elected public office, i.e., those somewhat in sunshine. It may be coincidence, but Pawlenty and Coleman prosper, Pawlenty being given a big bank paycheck, and Nienow and Leidiger are run aground. Is there a difference in politics of the two camps, and what should we in the public infer from such a limited data selection? Also, should we await a larger data collection, on a possible go-along to get-along dimension to things? As we move to the 2014 elections? Thinking of the GOP being made up of factions and the Honour and McFadden candidacies seeming to be tied into one faction, then thinking of that in the context of the two debt calls on Nienow and Leidiger, is a thought experiment that can raise more questions than answers. Raving idiots having misfortune, may be a lesson, to other more pliant raving idiots. Is that an answer? The question being, who is calling the shots, and before that even, are shots being called in concert or is this random activity like sunspots? Will other shoes drop? Will the Bachmann ethics kerfuffle show some resolution prior to 2014 voting, or will it hang fire to possibly be an example of something, for some folks to notice, post election and while legislation is being proposed and enacted?

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