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Monday, April 08, 2013

RAMSEY - Elmcrest Park improvements move forward, see: Sakry reporting, in ABC Newspapers, for details.

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Randy Backous said...

Northern Lights Soccer Club donates $40,000 to this building and gets a one line mention buried within a story while Andover's entire athletic association donates the same amount to their new park and it's a half page story above the fold. Ramsey should expect more from its "official newspaper."

eric zaetsch said...

Well, Randy, the press runs the press, city officials do not. And at least Anoka County Union is a REAL NEWSPAPER, not a website maintained by a former Republican CD4 chair and current in-home day care provider doing business in Ramsey County but with geo-links to Taxpayer League Chairman Harold Hamilton and his Fridley manufacturing business location, where Hamilton's long term secretary of fourteen years notarizes stuff for the day care operator - website author.

Anoka County Union does print and deliver copies to retail locations, just as one would expect of any real "newspaper" where the word "paper" is a key aspect.

And, Randy, "official newspaper" is a status with regard to legal notices, where the concept of due notice - something a website alone fails at for that part of the population declining to use the Internet but still entitled to real and substantial notice.

Perhaps soon I may post more on that entire situation - using the Hamilton manufacturing business address, as it is used, being a thin nexus to anything such as a real newspaper like the ECM Publishing firm having a business and staff in Coon Rapids - in a building dedicated for over a decade or two entirely to the true publishing of true local newspapers.

Apples and oranges in my mind.

And, Randy, if a website alone suffices for legal notice the thrust might be for officials to lobby the legislature for town websites being at law sufficient for giving legal notice within the state. If the laws are written that way, who needs any website allied to Harold Hamilton and his Republican politics? Ham Lake? Perhaps, but if Ham Lake really had cost control as its motive, one expects those politicians who chose the CD4 Republican ex-Chairman's website over Anoka County Union to embrace legislation making the town's own website sufficient for legal notice, since that takes all private profit-takers out of the equation.

As for lawyers and banks publishing foreclosure notices where they want to assure themselves of using a newspaper beyond challenge, readers can check out Anoka County Union's publishing of that range of notice; vs any such use by sophisticated parties to foreclosures of the "services" offered by the thing ostensibly operated at Harold Hamilton's manufacturing site, where, to my knowledge, neither Hamilton nor anyone else owns or operates a printing press.

Enough said, for a comment. Except, if Ramsey hopes to hold "official mewspaper" costs to a minimum, there is Minn. Stat. Sect. 331A.12 WEB SITE ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS; with 331A.12, Subd. 3, providing, "A local public corporation that publishes on its Web site under this section must post the information in substantially the same format and for the same period of time as required for publication in an official newspaper or other print publication." So, there is that precedent of advertisements for bid NOT having to be routed to "official newspapers," while the policy dimension of having or not having "official newspaper" requirements in the internet age and how adverse and undesirable effects might attach to gutting the municipal legal notice business cash flows which help offset cost and risk to legitimate local press operations printing and distributing true and real local newsprint-newspapers would remain ripe for legislative consideration.

Certainly during the housing slump the bulk of legal notice publishing was re real estate foreclosure and not municipal publishing; and that has remained, in practice, the exclusive domain of real newspapers that print onto paper and distributed printed papers to retail outlets, which is why the GOP operative - Hennepin County day care impresario is only scrounging legal notice table scraps from places such as Ham Lake, etc. by undercutting a real paper with real overhead, on price.

eric zaetsch said...

Randy, expanding a bit further:

The guy using Hamilton's manufacturing site address, besides the day care day job he has outside of Anoka County, also runs a political consultancy where he has designed and registered candidacy websites for Republican politicians as well as doing the same for Harold Hamilton's several registgered "Watchdog" websites.

He even did a site for Krinkie, Hamilton's side-kick at Taxpaper League.

Hardly the unbiased press, as to ties and income sources? Yes, no?

Go figure, in your own mind's eye, will the feeding hand ever be bitten, and how should you weigh that in seeking out objective reporting of news?

My choice, I read ABC Newspapers online; their adjunct website to their for-real print newspapers.

It is your choice what you read, and a subjective thing, so bless you, readers of this post and comment thread, for whatever credibility you give anything, Crabgrass included.

Randy Backous said...

Eric, you obviously took my frustrated comment as some sort of endorsement to change official newspapers. Big, incorrect assumption. I could have saved you a lot of typing. Check my voting record. This has nothing to do with the Anoka County Record. I have no opinion of that paper one way or the other except that I don't want our city to be one of its pioneers. Let it make its mistakes and grow with other cities and then we'll see. The word "official" in the context I intended was in regards to where people generally go for our weekly news. Mine was merely a comment on the two vastly different types of coverage of virtually the same story and once again, Ramsey took the short end of the straw.