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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Putting out the trash. UPDATED - piling on and hints with innuendo.

... and when did she know it?

Screenshot below, from Des Moines Register, online, this link.

click the image to enlarge and read

MinnPost, here, and lead Glean item, here.

Readers can do a web search = Michele Bachmann Andy Parrish

It will return links with more than anyone really might want to know.

Big Question

When will voters in Minnesota's Sixth Congressional district put out the trash?

Piling on. Things get curious. Strange winds blowing ...

Who would you ever expect to dump a load on Michele Bachmann ... and who shows up? has gone offline for general readers.

So, who is to pick up the guantlet, to suggest back-handledly or directly that Michele Bachmann is past her shelf life pull date, and should be treated accordingly?

And with whatever motives?

(Besides me, since I did put up this post.}

Come on. Try a guess. No? Okay --

At this link, the Taxpayer League's Chairman unloads:


It's time the conservative family had a conversation.

Since we're in regular contact with thousands of freedom loving folks across this great state, we know what you're thinking.

And you're thinking that Michelle Bachmann may be in trouble for 2014.

You're thinking that she has taken on water and may be taking on more, instead of bailing out the boat.

There's nothing wrong with having that conversation.

In fact, now is that time to start that conversation.

Silence masquerading as party loyalty is downright disloyal and is a form aiding and abetting our political opponents.

That kind of thinking has produced the disastrous candidacies of Tom Emmer, Kurt Bills, and Allen Quist (pick any campaign since 1983).

Look, this piece isn't some diatribe against Bachmann or an opinion piece that reaches any conclusions other than that the family would be well served to think long and hard about who is the best candidate to keep the Sixth Congressional District of Minnesota in Republican hands.

Losing the district would be a severe embarrassment and would represent the third election cycle in a row in which the GOP suffered a humiliating black eye.

We say this because there will be many harsh and irrational responses demanding that conservatives all shut up and pretend nothing is wrong.

There will be responses blaming Bachmann's problems solely on the media, George Soros, and the Viet Cong.

The facts are simply that in the last election, Bachmann woefully underperformed the district, especially for an incumbent.

Legal problems continue to mount regarding her failed presidential campaign, with a former loyalist and trusted lieutenant coming forward to corroborate allegations of campaign finance law violations.

Constituent services continue to be a major problem, with many people who live in the Sixth District telling us that she and her office continue to have big issues with basic constituent services.

And it doesn't help that with a major liability being the charge that she ignores her district, she has spent to no small amount of time this week bragging about a trip to England for Margaret Thatcher's funeral.

Hey, it's a cool deal to be there to send off the Iron Lady, but the good people of England don't vote in Minnesota's Sixth District.

Moreover, there is trouble ahead with Jim Graves stepping forward for a rematch.

Make no mistake, Graves is a successful businessman who doesn't undertake any big project without excellent due diligence.

The Watchdog has spoken with a person who has knowledge of the Graves decision to run for re-election. That source tells the Watchdog that the data suggests that Graves has a strong chance of winning next year, at least as things stand today.

The bottom line is that now is the time to consider this situation and deal with it.

Let the discussion begin.

[italics emphasis added]. Harold Hamilton's MO has been to be at the unseen operator end of the puppet strings, not the stage dancer. So, no, I do not expect the gentleman to be personally conducting a primary challenge against Michele Bachmann (although it would be a major big-time hoot, especially expecting glowing endorsement words for it in the Anoka County Record).

So, who's Hamilton's surrogate hope here, his Krinkie to run? Krinkie? Perhaps, but can anyone see any real tractor-pull strength from that direction?

So, who? If the gentleman were less coy, he'd speak his mind and not leave us guessing. But he is who he is, so, my early-on guess of Harold Hamilton's candidate to undercut the incumbent, it is based on more Iron Lady stuff from the micro controller man, from here:

Greetings from Saint Paul, Watchdogs. As the days tick down towards the constitutionally mandated adjournment date of May 20, the full scope of DFL rule is coming into focus.

It's a comprehensive and breathtaking plan to grow government, diminish liberty, increase government dependency, and eliminate the concept of personal responsibility.

The goal is clear: addict people to government and thereby empower government and those who run government.

How sad that we are realizing the full scope of this tragedy at the same time we celebrate and remember the life and leadership of Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady (not to be confused with Anoka County's own Iron Lady, Rhonda Sivarajah, who is very much alive and very much leading the county in the right direction).

This week, both the governor and the House released their capital investment bills, popularly known as "bonding bills" because they are financed by selling bonds.


Okay, it is only a guess. There is Michelle Benson, and it would be nice to see Michelle with "two l's" vs Michele, with only one. If not that, who?

Reader guesses in comments are more than welcome. And remember, you can nominate yourself, or anyone in-state because having a CD4 resident Republican presently representing CD6 proves that true. So, statewide thinking is okay - indeed, there even is a gentleman residing in New Hampshire and presently not holding office in CD8, so have at it, readers.

And just so you don't think me too focused on dog droppings, the woofer is not the only one presaging a Night of the Long Knives for dear Ms. Bachmann, although I cannot get the True North site to work now while typing (I get an "unable to connect" error message), there is this. Another GOP propaganda mill outlet like Watchdog, floating the same rumor. There is this. Stebbins does not live in CD6, but then neither does Bachmann. Will these alluders step into the sunshine and name names? The coyness of the neuvo-DumpBachmann natterings nabobs is quite bothersome, absent somebody with courage enough to step forward and name a name or three.

I'm not in that GOP tent, instead outside pis looking in, but already I've named five, as gender balanced a list as an odd number permits: Hamilton himself, Krinkie, Sivarajah, Benson, and Stebbins.

Matt Look? He'd fit. Matt Dean, pick your Matt?

In closing, there is Hamilton's sentence, "We say this because there will be many harsh and irrational responses demanding that conservatives all shut up and pretend nothing is wrong."

I admit, that's exactly what I'd say, "stop this independent thinking putsch against GOP entrenched orthodoxy, and stop it now," instead of saying, "Have at it Harold, Dump Bachmann full-bore, and let me hold your coat." Harold has Krinkie at TPL for coat holding without need for me to volunteer.

_________FURTHER UPDATE___________
With "Andy Parrish" now a name in the news, some people may have trouble telling who the players are (except Bachmann), without a scorecard.

This may help. Parrish is being represented by attorney John Gilmore. Is that helpful information?

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_______________
The True North server is not inaccessible now [4:19 PM 4/22/2013] and readers can see the previously linked item links to Roll Call, here, which concludes by stating:

Bachmann could also face competition for the state GOP endorsement and in the primary, according to Marianne Stebbins, a supporter of former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, and chairwoman of the Minnesota delegation to the Republican National Convention last year.

Assuming she wins the GOP primary, Bachmann’s spending advantage is unlikely to be as great as in 2012. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recruited Graves to run again after making almost no investment in the district last cycle. In a meeting with reporters last week, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel of New York highlighted the race and said he thinks Graves will run again.

Minnesota Democrats are also planning to target the race and have taken notice of Bachmann’s new media approach.

“Since her election, she has kept her head down,” said Corey Day, executive director of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, the state affiliation of the national party. “I think she saw the results from her district and hasn’t put her head out of the peep hole too much lately.”

Bachmann’s new low profile is also an indication to Minnesota Republicans that she has no interest in challenging Democratic Sen. Al Franken, who kicks off his re-election campaign without a major opponent. Still, Bachmann’s name graces the list of potential House GOP members who have yet to rule out a run for the seat, which was held by a Republican just five years ago.

[St. Paul-based GOP consultant Ben] Golnik said that attending Saturday morning coffees in her district with small groups of people “is not a sign” of someone preparing a bid for statewide office and that he’d be “surprised” if she did run. [Former Minnesota GOP Rep. Vin] Weber concurred, saying he’d be “stunned if she considered running for the Senate.”

Bachmann dropped her presidential bid on Jan. 4, 2012, after placing sixth in the Iowa caucuses. As part of her effort in the state that abuts Minnesota to the south, Bachmann made hay out of the fact that she had been born in Waterloo, Iowa. She also uttered things such as “Everything I need to know, I learned in Iowa” — comments that could have turned off voters in her district.

“There’s a lot of people throughout political history who you can point to who have seen national leadership backfire on them in their home state or district,” said Weber, citing his friend, former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, who lost re-election in 2004.

“Most places in the country just want their member of Congress or their senator to pay attention to local concerns.”

So, Weber and Golnik, gurus that they are of far right of center politics, are discounting the Iowa loser; being "surprised" if not "stunned" if she were to think to get in the way of others wanting a shot at Franken. Small in-district weekend courting of CD6 GOP-base folks finds the two pundits unimpressed.

Is it standard post-election losing side navel gazing? Or is it yet more inner party knife sharpening? If it is the latter, for whom, and why? Whose toes got stepped on?

The appearance is a range of voices questioning Bachmann's gravitas as a boss Republican mover/shaker; including Stebbins' liberty wing, Parrish's Jesus-loves-my-politics bloc, and Hamilton's tax-hating cohorts. What next? Who else? Norm Coleman piling on? Mark Kennedy recalling his good times in DC, now missed?

My hope - an assault against the Bachmann seat by - who else but - Big Lake's finest;

Ms. Mary Kiffmeyer.

THAT would be great fun to watch, so join me in hoping.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
The hope is Harold Hamilton, in between supervising the manufacture of widgets, takes time to read this post and is enamored of the Kiffmeyer suggestion - much as ALEC's take-your-marching-orders minions doubtlessly will be. That way, if I can get Hamilton on board, the Kiffmeyer primary challenge idea can be featured in Anoka County Record along with Taxpayer League editorials and reports on Republican legislators doing little beyond licking wounds and carping over DFL leadership. That hope, from one opinionated website for another. Join me in hoping Harold likes Mary, and all the while Anoka County Union reports news fair and balanced, in a form your caged bird can appreciate.

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