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Thursday, February 21, 2013

As with the Abeler-Tingelstad veto override vote - retaliate, don't educate. More of the same, etc.

Two Residual Forces posting themes in a compare and contrast test of reader awareness.

Here and here, in the past. Then, here.

Andy A. publishes this, as the core of his argument - colleagues, lean on the guy and shouldn't he slavishly reread and genuflect to past district voting:

Sidenote: It was nice to see some of the other great Senators I’ve gotten to know over the years while I was there. To them I say keep up the good work and go have a talk with Petersen please.


Here’s the results on the amendment in SD35. (See all by HD here)
Legislative District 35A

4102 precincts in contest. 15 of 15 precincts reported.
Yes 11167
No 10372
Estimated Blanks 190
Estimated Total Number of Voters 21729
Estimated Percent of YES* 51.39%
Legislative District 35B

4102 precincts in contest. 13 of 13 precincts reported.
Yes 12534
No 11118
Estimated Blanks 217
Estimated Total Number of Voters 23869
Estimated Percent of YES* 52.51%

Shame on the man Petersen for not licking the boots of a slender majority, of bigots in district.

Isn't that his job? How dare he show anything beyond groveling gratitude for being there. As if leadership were expected.

I wonder how Abeler reads the latest trenchant analysis from Andy A. Do you think ...

This part got to me:

I encourage everyone from Senator District 35 to call or visit Senator Petersen and ask him to reconsider.

I would ask only people from SD35 call Petersen.

I know there was an email sent out from a certain someone, but that is not the productive way to change one’s mind. If you live in another District, call YOUR Senator and remind them how you feel on the issue.

Sen. Branden Petersen is in the State Office Building Office 127

Phone: 651-296-3733


Please be respectful. While we disagreed on this issue, we did so with respect.

So, I took up the cause, and respectfully emailed Branden Petersen:

Subject: With friends like this who needs enemies?

You are there now, and there is no turning back. And Andy's got your back. In a sense.

We live in interesting times.

History will judge, as with the veto override. Some clearly may disagree but it seems Petersen has strengthened his position, as Abeler did, by being sensible and not crass or diffidently partisan where that would prove counterproductive long-term. How things shake out within the GOP from this will prove interesting. Meanwhile, why is the party of business remaining so short of cash, here in Minnesota? Does the Chamber of Commerce care much about the marriage issue, and is that indifference reflected in local GOP big donor holiday taking?

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