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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And Michele Bachmann, she agrees with her friends?

Former Michele Bachmann campaign chief Andy Parrish wants people to send him money, and will throw Branden Petersen under the bus to get that cash flow. This link. And Petersen is a Republican in Bachmann's CD 6 coalition of Republicans; so given that fact, we know in our hearts that Michele Bachmann will take a courageous stand and ... punt ...

You do remember Andy Parrish, don't you? Would a photo help?

This link. This google. Here.

I supported and voted for DFL'er Peter Perovich for the SD 35 Senate seat. Branden Petersen seems to me to be a major ALEC-oriented foe of public education. But being that, why is Parrish so prompt and eager and savage in moving to cut him apart?

What's happening in "The Minnesota GOP Big Tent?"

And will Bachmann say one thing about Petersen on Christian right-wing radio shows, and the opposite to a general public unaware of what she's saying on those other venues?

Or - can it be - will she simply just shut up? Duck the issue this time around, and just with a finger-to-test-the-wind attitude, will she ignore and hide from her record in the past, and for the grace of us all, simply shut up?

A person who if any label applies, is a libertarian-Republican, whose opinion I respect, emailed:

Eric, You need to get out of Ramsey more often. Branden has no ulterior motives. Branden has always been libertarian in his philosophy. He indicated to me last week [...] that he was going to express those views in votes. Looks like he is.

I texted him this morning that although I take a government out of marriage altogether approach, I will still support him.

It's time GOP politicians stop pandering to a righteous few and start getting to back to the GOP of true fiscal conservatism. Because we are right on liberty and wrong on statism. We should be the party of peace, not war; and the party of the constitution, not the party of tyranny.

I suspect he's going to have some rough days which is why I will continue to express my support

Remember, Branden was a national delegate that supported [Ron] Paul at the RNC. In fact, he received more votes than any national delegate at the state convention.

He and his philosophy are the future of the party, in spite of what tools [... may] believe. Neoconservatism and whatever the hell Bachmann is, is going the way of the dodo.

I see that as a better view for the GOP to take than some things recently embraced, and I wonder whether Hann and Daudt will turn their backs on Petersen, or whether they, silently or actively, will welcome a first step toward turning away from the Quistian influences that seem to have peaked a few years back, and to now be under challenge and in disfavor and decline. How about the letters WWBGD? What would Barry Goldwater do?


lloydletta said...

Love that photo of how the Purse-holder got that moniker.


Wellstone's Ghost said...

Second that Eva.

Isn't that an Avidor original?

And didn't Bachmann kind of unceremoniously FIRE the purseholder AFTER he had moved his family to Iowa to help her win President of Iowa???

And for a younger boy I might add...ouch.

eric zaetsch said...

W.G. - That's the first DB post of the purse-holder I found. Avidor did a couple of images - one a photoshop, the other a full drawing.

eric zaetsch said...

Avidor's hands at play: