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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ramsey - New restaurant-bar, old location.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: menu (beverage pricing not listed online)

Sakry reports, here. I believe there was a sports bar that folded at the same strip mall site, Sunfish at Hwy 10, northwest corner. This homepage was listed by Sakry for the establishment. This map shows the location, (click to enlarge and read).

Please read the full ABC Newspapers report. In part, Sakry wrote:

“[...W]e really want to be known as a family friendly establishment,” said owner Tom DeQuattro.

To make the bar and grill more appealing to customers of all ages, Willy McCoys offers a large kids’ menu and games.

[...W]hen he opened Willy McCoys, DeQuattro wanted to pay homage to one of his heroes, a 1920s rum runner named William McCoy.

The East Coast sea captain smuggled alcohol from the Bahamas and did so without having ties to the mob.

“We wanted to stay with the look of the old barns and distilleries of the day” when designing Willy McCoys, DeQuattro said.

The bar and grill has pictures on display from the 1920s era for customers to explore. [... image gallery, here]

Willy McCoys has daily specials, including dollar taco night and a barbecue rib dinner.

[...] Everything is made from scratch, including the soups, while the bread comes from a local bakery and service starts at 11 a.m., DeQuattro said.

In addition to the food, which is prepared by Chef Brianne Guimont, who has a passion for food, Willy McCoys also offers plenty of entertainment.

The 17 television screens capture every broadcast sporting event, there is bar bingo on Saturdays and meat raffles on Fridays.

Willy McCoys also has a great selection of craft beers, including Surly, on tap.

New craft beers are rotated into the mix every week to bring craft beer to these parts, he said.

BOTTOM LINE: the menu

From the write-up, it appears there is an adults only bar area, for those wanting distance from sounds of others' children. With smoking no longer a problem, patrons can choose where to sit.

ALSO: For non-restaurant/bar microbrewery selections in Ramsey, Coborns liquor store has an extensive selection, (along with commodity beer for those wanting that). I expect the same of Wiser Choice, although it is a guess. I have yet to shop there.

Sakry did not mention whether they sell take-out food. I will try to find out.

_________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Duh. Checking the firm's "about" page, they clearly state, "We offer a full menu for lunch, dinner, and late-night, with seating for large or small groups, and all food items are available to be ordered to-go." Sakry reported an 11:00 opening time, but I was unable to find a closing time, for serving from the restaurant menu, or for the entire establishment closing. The about page also states, "The bar features 24 beers on tap which change regularly and 2 for 1’s all day every day." What is available as a wine list is still unclear. Sakry in an email indicated as far as known, Willie McCoys already has opened for business. Nothing on the website indicates a pending opening day, so presumably you can call or email to be certain they presently are open and serving.

I used the contact page to request that they email back a wine list, presuming there is one.

NOTE: No restaurant will remain open without sufficient business through the door. If you try them and like them, remember that a visit or two does not keep a going concern going. Quality sit-down restaurants in Ramsey are an asset we should want to encourage.

In North Metro we lost the Canyon Grille in Coon Rapids [Andover?], and that is a lesson to take to heart.

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
I was told the restaurant site had opened at least by the past weekend. Open on Saturday, Jan. 5, if not sooner. I have not seen any "Grand Opening" information. The Sakry-ABC Newspapers story was the first I learned of it. Yesterday's mail included a "Valpak" coupon set, with Willie McCoy including a coupon with the back side indicating "Daily Specials." If you get the mailing, check it out. I have no idea how frequently these special offerings may be altered, or whether these are locked in daily specials. This is one where Sakry spoke with the people running the enterprise, as a press duty, but my intent is to go there and let the food do the talking. Probably later in the week.

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