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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Injustice from the Justice Department. "Badge heavy" is the term used for cops. How about "rabidly overzealous" for the likes of Carmen Ortiz, who needs firing, yesterday not being soon enough.

This link, and here.

This Google.

This petition, please sign it if you have not already.

Crabgrass, earlier, here.

Or do your own web search = Aaron Swartz.

When the politically ambitious, or the worthlessly biased [can you say Rachel Paulose] sit in U.S. Attorney's offices making decisions, we all are under threat of bias, stupidity and abuse.

There is no excuse for the power given Ms. Ortiz considering the ham-handed and quite nasty way she uses it. That power should be taken away, pronto.

Please sign the petition.

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