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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Digging into the past. "Speaking shortly after the exhumation process was completed, Tawfiq Tirawi, who heads the Palestinian investigation into Arafat's death, said Ramallah would petition the International Criminal Court in The Hague if it found proof that the veteran leader was poisoned."

This link. And if poisoning is confirmed, what a who-done-it.

Whodunit? It's now a dictionary word, this latter spelling. With a Wikipedia entry.

Humphrey dunit - we saw that earlier in the film.

Chairman Arafat poisoned. I am shocked, SHOCKED!
Round up the usual suspects.

The dateline on that exhumation reporting was Dec. 2, 2012. Pathology lab work must take a substantial time. Over a month has passed. And, yes, I am aware I took lines from two distinct parts of the film. So what?

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