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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Explain to me again why I should trust Patty Murray in this hunker-in with Lamar Alexander to do in single payer?

Politico reports on the pair of perps.

This screencapture from here, back then, and guess what:

So now Patty Vote-Big-Pharma Murray rides in on a white horse to fix things.

Bet pharma gouging of us all is OFF THE TABLE FROM THE GET-GO. As with the Obama variety of Romneycare for the insurance industry, the mess that Murray-Alexander will tart up a bit and say with applause from Senate colleagues, "Done and we can move on." Expect that sell out.

Hope it is not so. But expect what is to be expected. Smoke and mirrors, and pharma price gouging being left standing; business as usual.

Trust the Sanders-Klobuchar vote Murray cast to show who Murray can be expected to be. Her and Cory Booker.

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