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Sunday, August 06, 2017

Anyone Can Legally Say “Eat Shit, Bob!”

We all can say it. Tweet it, because it's fewer than the max number of characters.

This link to download a pdf of a Scribd-posted item.

And do not take my word for the headline. The ACLU says so, p.5 of the download[scribd item].

And to a coal baron? Sure. And say it twice. Get a nuisance suit if millions watch it; the bet being Big-Time Bob does NOT sue me. If sued, there is venue to debate.

Grab on and kiss, Bob.

Image source, HuffPo telling the story, online here.

UPDATE: ACLU, telling the story, a web post apart from court filings. What if one of the comments were, "Kiss my Bob, Bob?" That would require an intermediate inference before running to the courthouse, papers in hand.

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