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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Zero Hedge online. Wikipedia. Video, here and here. Shia suffering.

This video.


Ron Paul. RT, here, and here. So - RT in cahoots with Ron Paul? That seems unlikely. More RT.


Vox, here, here.

Do your own websearch = Al-Awamiya seige

Here is one.

Do a websearch = Al-Awamiya seige cnn fox New-york-times washington-post msnbc This might be in the return list.

Do that last search adding: Reuters Associated-Press. Further and further from Saudi abuse against a Shite populace within its borders, the more mainstream press outlets you add to searching. And why is this not "news?" Sunni-Shia happenings in Iraq were better covered.

Figure it out.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Don't block the way for news delivery, with individualized doubt or questioning. Keep messages on track and repeated. Rachel Maddow and Trump and the Russians; now that's news, else it would not be repetitive. Would it?

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