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Friday, November 25, 2016

The party's efforts to regain lost ground with blue-collar voters could be a factor in next week's election for Democratic leader in the House of Representatives. Tim Ryan, whose northeast Ohio district encompasses blue-collar Youngstown, is challenging veteran leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. Ryan has emphasized his ability to talk to working class voters and said in announcing his leadership run that people "need to know we understand that they elected us to fight for economic opportunity for all."

The headline of this post is a combined two paragraphs, online at Reuters, here.

STRONGER TOGETHER did not cut it.


Moreover, no TOGETHER.

Alienate folks including the young who shall suffer long-term consequences, and you're apart from them, not TOGETHER with them. Especially with superdelegate and "HILLARY VICTORY FUND" crap in place before a FAIR primary season; and you've un-TOGETHERED a whole hell of a lot of the electorate, who see slogan TOGETHER as an insulting lie. As in, "Know your place and vote it; we be the lesser evil so cave in per usual, accordingly, and silently would be better than with any noise."



Together was Podesta, the Clintons (foundation and spouses and offspring), Debbie Wasserman Schultz, billionaires, and current DNC stooges in lockstep with Madeline Albright or otherwise. Add Goldman/Wall Street and it is - RAPACIOUS TOGETHER.

BELTWAY TOGETHER is a phony route to attracting progressives or rust-belt suffering families.

There is no TOGETHER of me with that nasty crowd, so what about you?

In thrall to big money and liking that; or having a different and better dream?


Bernie and Ellison did line up and salute the flagpole, but were they together with anyone really besides each other, Tulsi Gabbard, and those inspired to attend the massive Sanders rallies? Was there much Beltway entrenchment Bernie or Ellison could identify with as of value to them or their supporting crowds?

Should either have felt TOGETHER with entrenched ignorant hubris more allied with Wall Street and Huma scenarios for Muslims than with suffering voters being screwed by banks and business and the uber-wealthy, still, and as usual? If so, why?

Ellison has race TOGETHER with Obama, but little else. Middle of the road do-nothing corporatism was uninspiring as shown in Obamacare passage - a grossly uninspired sop to the health insurance industrial complex, instead of resembling actual healthcare reform.

If single payer; a fifteen buck minimum wage; debt relief for students hosed via tuition abuse while legislated to be without a bankruptcy out as accorded Trump casinos; tax reform against corporations, banks and 1%'ers; and better services and assistance levels for ordinary folk had been part of TOGETHER, then TOGETHER might not have been so unpopular as to lose an election, top to bottom of the ticket.

Clearly, Hillary/Podesta hurt everybody besides Republicans, and retooling ought to start with a strong populist/progressive person heading DNC. Then add like minded DNC board members, and Trump might be held to a single term.

We know, spoils being at stake, that the Dems hope Trump will not succeed enough to earn a second term. How will they work with Trump in the upcoming term, with that in mind?


And, back to the headline, is it time for Pelosi, (not anyone's progressive by any measure), to go further into the background and turn over House leadership to a progressive? If not to a progressive, then at least to a blue-collar lunch-bucket district Rep. such as this Tim Ryan candidate poses himself to be?

Think about it -- THEY WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED could have the crappy Ryan in their leadership post; Dems could have the better one


Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks after the nomination Trump is negotiating with Carrier and Ford..Where in the fuck has Obama been for the last 8 years? If Trump pulls that off he has already surpassed Obama ..Fucking democrat bullshit artists.

eric zaetsch said...

Eight years of the Beltway Balance; eight years older and what do you get? Is that what you are saying, Anon.? If so, what do you make of the appointment designees? Reliable folks, or outside of the castle firebrands? Swamp drainers?

Eyes likely will open. Taken for a ride again.

Anon: Do you see him as a single termer or a two-termer?