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Saturday, November 19, 2016


Steve Timmer in a Strib Op-Ed on the Ellison DNC chairmanship candidacy, here. Also, enlarge the screen capture of a web search, same topic, at the left. Dylan wrote, "You better start moving or you'll sink like a stone, the times they are a-changing." A still true tune, post-election.

"Her turn" failed big time. Progressives did not stand well with being taken for "lesser evil" granted, and they handed that stuff back by staying home or by protest voting.

Best noted by a forwarded email:

And who brings you this "great opportunity" remaindered-item going-out-of-business sale? See, email footer:

See, Steve Timmer, LEFT.MN, here, here, here and here.

So why should progressives bail out the merchandise shelves of an operation from which they were effectively excluded, disenfranchised and marginalized, in the course of the "Hillary Victory Fund" starting, operating, and ultimately getting trumped? Answer: they shouldn't.

Progressives were never ones who felt it was "her turn." That came from current Inner Party functionaries, intent on taking progressives for granted yet again, as always, as "where else can they go" nonentities, of value only at the lesser evil ballot box stage but otherwise scorned as pariahs who should know their place in the greater globalization world view and scheme of things; CFR global corporatism being the rule and progressives a troublesome exception to it.

Let the Hillary Victory Fund's own architects and engineers bail out the overstocked shelves they now face, post-whomping. They can buy out remaindered buttons, bumper stickers, and other ware. Let Podesta pay a share, Madaline Albright too, and there are a pictured three Minnesota entrenched-elite millionaires who had a hand in Hillary Victory Fund shenanigans and who, hence, also should each be held to pay their share.

And then some. They were DWS allies; and DWS ways and means were a big, big part of the Inner Party's hubris and error.

Others may disagree, but I donated to Tim Canova, and that was a direction apart from Podesta land. Apart from Blankfein land. Apart from Clinton family and foundation. I paid my dues that way, and have no inclination to support those who scorned my class in the course of schmoozing Wall Street and foundation donors; i.e., schmoozing the class the old model Clintonian DFL and DNC embraces and serves, while in office.

Better start changing . . .

Ellison paid his party dues at the convention, and is paying his dues now, while seeking to lead the DNC.

Young Turks re Ellison; here. Ellison is not acting as a firebrand. He is acting as an insider with an answer to doing better next time. Bet on him heading the DNC into a better future, (from a class/progressivism focus rather than a corporatist/globalist perspective).

Redifining how to pose questions, within the party's campaigning, would clearly accompany an Ellison DNC appointment.

(Last, the background image used in the Young Turks report - how does that grab YOU as a changing of the guard?)

____________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Again, the Young Turks item is the one to watch, if you are only to watch one video. It lays out a truth; change is needed.

The same theme, again focused on Ellison, from The Nation:

The Democratic National Committee must change, radically, if it is going to be prepared for the challenge of opposing President-elect Donald Trump and the most right-wing Congress in American history. The DNC that could not stop Trump must be replaced by a DNC that can stop Trumpism.

That will require not just new leadership but different leadership. The DNC needs a chair who has an intersectional and activist organizing vision like that of former Minnesota senator Paul Wellstone, who taught us that “There is an elementary aspiration which undergirds the humane impulse in our history and our culture and binds us together as political activists. This is a simple, irreducible, indisputable aspiration. It is the ‘dream of justice’ for a beloved community, in which the level of terror in people’s lives is sharply reduced or maybe eliminated. It is the belief that extremes and excesses of inequality must be reduced so that each person is free to fully develop his or her full potential. This is why we take precious time out of our lives and give it to politics.”

Wellstone spoke those words after the heartbreaking election of 1984, in which Ronald Reagan won a 49-state landslide victory that led many Democrats to imagine that their party needed to ease up on its historic commitment to economic justice and its emerging commitment to a broader vision of social justice. Wellstone argued that the naysayers were misguided, that a turn inward that betrayed the “democratic wing of the Democratic Party” represented an abandonment of the future. He was right, on so many moral and political levels.

Wellstone’s vision lives on with those who worked with him on behalf of economic and social justice and peace—and on behalf of a grassroots-focused and boldly progressive Democratic Party. One of Wellstone’s allies was a young lawyer from Minneapolis named Keith Ellison, who would become a congressman and is now emerging as a potential front-runner for the chairmanship of the DNC,

May the Green Bus live again, in spirit. At a national and international level, once Trump's had his one term.

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