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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hoping for something positive from TRUMP winning. Good is possible.

This brief video, as a large part of why I am not overly upset with our voters.

Also, given the cold comfort Paul Ryan consistently provided his party's presidential candidate, Trump might just squeeze that little piss ant a bit.

It would be nice if he did. Instead of listening to bad advisors and being pure disaster. Being Nixon-redux or Reagan-redux.

Was Wall Street ever especially kind to Donald? Does he owe them repayment in kind? Was he ever beneficiary of favorable loan rates, willing lender modifications short of forcing corporate bankruptcy litigation, cushy speaking engagements for six-figure cash each pop; was any of that stuff Donald's? Such a history might have earned Trump's goodwill, However, events that actually transpired might lead Donald to want to clop some Wall Streeters upside the head to get their attention prior to reminding them who won.

Good might result if Trump shows due appreciation for Wall Street's collective backing of and heavy betting on Clinton, the horse they'd purchased over time via speaking fee installments and such, who placed instead of winning in a two horse race where place/show are irrelevant and without payoff.

Leaving such speculation aside, then supplementing the impact of the opening video in defining Clintonism in the raw, do not ever forget what the below image of smarmy upscale schmoozing sycophancy demonstrates; i.e., a grave insult to working folk and small business folk at the mercy of big banking; i.e., insult to the traditional backbone of the Democratic Party:

A final thought on (hopefully) being rid of the Clintons: Now it is time to stomp-hard-and-long on Chelsea if she shows any ongoing political inclination whatsoever. (Trump disposed of JEB! on the other side, a good accomplishment given how dynastic ambition has undeniably led to bad government). Do that, for the good of the Democratic Party and what it should be and what it resembled a bit before Bubba's new way of co-opting Republican agenda items.

Bubba's presidency deep-sixed welfare, boosted NAFTA and it's job losses, failed miserably at generating any decent healthcare reform, and started the private prison industry's grip that finally has now been undone at the federal level by Obama. Enough is enough.

There is a lesson many could learn from progressives not sheepishly lining up for yet another shoring. It seems progressives stewed over what was done to them by the supposedly lesser-evil party and enough of them this time either stayed home or cast Trump (or other) protest votes. Good could arise, if that lesson is learned; now. If not, progressives should repeat a "shoring boycott" if mischief gets repeated next cycle, and onward until the lesson gets learned. The nation will NOT skid straight to hell if they do boycott; that risk being greater if they don't.


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