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Monday, October 03, 2016

"When standards for quantum-resistant public key cryptography become available, NIST will reassess the imminence of the threat of quantum computers to existing standards, and may decide to deprecate or withdraw the affected standards thereafter as a result. Agencies should therefore be prepared to transition away from these algorithms as early as 10 years from now. As the replacements for currently standardized public-key algorithms are not yet ready, a focus on maintaining crypto agility is imperative."

That's the concluding paragraph before bibliography, this link. NIST is unclear to me, and no biblio links were pursued. Intellectual property rights and considerations might influence "stakeholder" opinions, as to universalizing some algorithm in some way, but NIST edits out boring detail in holding the page count down.

UPDATE: Isn't "crypto agility" what that server in the home was about - some manner of agility, agile truth, agile fiction, agile scrubbing in the instance, whatever other aims were in effect. Scrub first, answer questions later?

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