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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

How does one become as narrow minded as Pete Hegseth? What level of denial, sacrifice and study is needed to so narrow a perspective on life that it fits through the eye of a needle?

This link. Two Fox apologists for narrowness of mind-scape. Roger Ailes has left, but the aura of Roger remains, pungent.

FOX is a national disgrace, and should improve. Certainly ratiogs are okay, product is being advertised, but something akin to reality is missing. FOX is a self-contained world perspectrive. Unchanging, unimproving. Just a swamp full of Hegseths. A never to be drained swamp. Never to be made fit for productive use.

How does FOX find these misfits? By existing, they come to it? Is all it takes, Being There? Chance, the gardener, hired in an eye blink; renamed Hegseth? Instead of renamed Chauncey Gardner?

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