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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Interesting posting at

Do you suppose Podesta has Robby Mook out looking for yet another groping allegation-slinger but with this one in particular to ideally have ancillary Kremlin involvement in the resume, as their gold standard press distraction flag of the day/week/fortnight?

As a cover question of interest, would not a future-years possibility viewpoint for now be to look at full tickets, and in that sense would not Citizen Kaine present down the line a Presidential option akin to Gerald Ford? A better world viewpoint be to contemplated now than that from Watergate torch passing, a/k/a Ford-Pardongate together with General Haig stepping from White House to NATO going his way, Congress scurrying another? Moreover, a "President Kaine" might well exceed what you'd ever get for a Pence.

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