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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Erik Paulsen, current CD3 Rep., has been as bad in voting as Bachmann and Kline, but has received largely a free pass on his Tea Party ways. It's time to help Sharon Sund in her DFL challenge to the awful CD3 status quo.
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Enlightment in Minnesota's Third Congressional District is still possible. Sund winning has a better probability than Paulsen being struck by lightning, so contribute to better the odds of the DFL taking over that seat.

Most important, here is a subpage of Sund's campaign site, (detailing where you send the check).


P.O. Box 46142
Plymouth, MN 55447-1446

Make the check out to: Sharon Sund for Congress.

It is that simple and for anyone favoring online contributing (via ActBlue), this page.

[Check writers note, please in mailing your contribution pay attention to the personal disclosure needed for FEC reporting, per that ActBlue "DONATE" page. Occupation/Employer info disclosure is a legal requirement; e.g., for me it would be "Retired" as a sufficient indicator. Lobbying ties and such are the target of having that requirement; so it makes sense.]

There was a weak challenge to Paulsen last cycle, when Sund was ignored for the DFL endorsement. Yes, the endorsement process does sometimes fail.

Now Sund's strength as a candidate, with funding support, can carry the challenge to the Tea Partier in "moderate" disguise. The wolf in sheeps clothing. The Kline clone. So -

Go, Sharon.

For a few online links concerning Sund's candidacy; MPR, ballotpedia (where Sund needs to correct a few erroneous footer links to the present), Greg Laden (here, jointly posted at MPP here with a following note, here),, and for the sake of presenting polar opposites on a continuum of coverage; Brodkorb post tagging and Kos. For example, the MPR item reported:

Sund, the Hennepin County DFL chair, dropped her 2012 campaign against Paulsen after losing the DFL endorsement. This time she is the only Democrat aiming to oust Paulsen from the seat, which represents the western Twin Cities metro area suburbs.

In announcing her campaign outside a church in Plymouth, Sund criticized Paulsen for supporting what she called "endless cuts" to federal programs and his brinksmanship over budget matters.

"I want us to reinvest in our children, our seniors and our families and our small businesses," she said.

Sund has said that she will abide by the endorsement process if more Democrats join the race.

"I'm running for Congress because Minnesota families deserve a thriving economy that rewards hard work and innovation," she said. "But with Erik Paulsen that's not happening. Instead, what we're getting is government shutdown tactics and endless cuts."

The lady speaks the truth, and presents CD3 voters a choice between status quo and an upgrade.

The Kos item states feelings I share:

I could go on at great length about why Mr. Paulsen should not be allowed in any responsible public position, but I won't. Bad for my blood pressure. I will only say that I am convinced that Sharon has what it takes to beat him and to be a strong, vocal, progressive voice in Congress.

She is getting into this late. The Tea Party Boy already has over $3,000,000 Koch dollars. Sharon Sund personally has what it takes, but she could sure use a hand right about now. She is going to have attacks to fend off.

Those Koch dollars make opposition harder, but not in any way doomed. So help out, please.

FINAL NOTE: Most contributions (almost all) from my family are handled by another family member, yet each cycle I try to find two or three candidacies or issues that merit my fifty buck token contributory attention (e.g., last cycle, one fifty dollar check to the Democrat running for Paul Ryan's Wisconsin congressional district seat; too bad, the outcome). Sund will be my first foray into personal contibutory support this cycle. Join in, please. The more the better.

UPDATE: Sharon Sund's LinkedIn page, here.


Anonymous said...

And just what would Sharon do for me..Lets see. Take away my right to own a firearm, Vote to raise the price of fuel so she can make the weather colder outside, vote to give amnesty to illegal aliens so I lose my job, Support corrupt teachers unions so my taxes keep going through the roof, Maybe I should I just hit myself in the head with a hammer..I would be better off!

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Opinions differ. Isn't that what makes our nation operate? If we could only bust the clawing grip of the two party systems we would have true diversity instead of shutdown shows in DC, one side vs. the other. The obscene circus show of Romneycare being installed nationwide while the one party of Romney who founded the plan is posturing itself as critical because the step was taken by the non-party of Romney. It's a joke. And not a good one.

Anonymous said...

Thats why the Tea party is so interesting..What a breath of fresh air compared the all of the mida driven progressive bS.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon. Do you see the Tea Party as setting an enduring trend, and if so, could you spell out your view of where it might be taking politics?

Also, from what you believe about Tea Party values and actions, is Paulsen very appealing to Tea Party sentiments, or only luke-warmly so?

Parts of CD3 seem upscale from Tea Party, or am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party is up scale. The stars of the party like Ted Cruse, Rand Paul, Allen West, Mike Lee, Sarah Palin ,Michele Bachmann , are very well received in the 3rd. After witnessing the abhorrent behavior of The left wing manufactured Occupy movement what productive patriotic citizen would consider themselves a part of that?

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Thanks. I get the flow of the idea that Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann are flag carriers for Tea Party belief. Rand Paul, I disagree, and see him as a liberty Republican rather than a Theocrat Republican. A bit of help, Allen West? A name to me without context. Could you post a link in a comment to something you believe best exemplifies who he is, and a bio background link? From a quick web look, he's retired military, a former member of Congress [voted out, or decided not to seek reelection??], and he has a Wikipedia page:

There are a number of "Allen West" Wikipedia hits, but this one is who I believe was referenced. Thanks for the additional name. What was the story with the Article 32 incident/hearing?

I have a Mother Jones link:

Presuming you may not like that one, Anon, please help with a link to something you think more fair and balanced.

Wikipedia has ROTC instructor, Kansas State Univ., etc., and I cannot help but think of Col. Kline. Anon, help please, similarities and differences, him and Kline.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - One more thing, the MPRI employment. Can you provide helpful links as to what MPRI is and does? It sounds like a CIA front, like Blackwater/Xe/Erik Prince danced. Yes/no?

Do you think this -

is a fair article, or if not, what's wrong with it?

Do you see Allen West as more sincere a black conservative than Don Allen of Minnesota, who spoke at one of Bachmann's anti-tax rallies, have no opinion, or see each as equivalent of the other?

Last, what's the Crowder situation all about? And, is it correct Glenn Beck and Ted Nugent is each an ardent Allen West champion and supporter?

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Last, any thoughts about this:

It's a name you brought up, one I researched, and I hope you have more to add in response.

Anonymous said...

Come and join us and see what responsible citizens are like.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Facebook is for others. I find it shallow and overused by some. Aside from that, "Tea Party Patriots," brings to mind the Sinclair Lewis quote; restated here:

That Crabgrass link is further of interest, in that Keith Ellison is a responsible citizen, though not noted that way at the link you provided.

Anonymous said...

Yes..If we had representation in the 3rd like like the people have in the 5th..Life would be so peachy..Can you just imagine? Are you serious about knocking productive people down to such a pathetic level? How does someone even begin to wrap there brain around logic like that?