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Saturday, April 26, 2014

A comment on the Bluestem Prairie website. A Republican named Roger says Sue Nelson is not his cup of Tea.

This link. Scroll to the comment.

Apart from that, Republican blogger Gary Gross has favored a term from time to time, "thuggish." Without any contextual connection, that remembrance just lept to mind. It's not as if contemplating Karl Rove, or some Governor with a grudge messing with an entire town's bridge traffic. The term just sprang to mind. I look forward to a Let Freedom Ring post about what may prove to be yet more despicable thuggery. Of a kind my friend Gary would not approve. Gary has published that in advance of any recent events in the district where Franson enjoys a GOP incumbency.

Gary Gross has live blogged events from time to time, which is commendable. I honestly mean that, and Gary is aware of how I feel about his efforts that way.

It would be a hoot if somebody were to live blog this confab. Stormy weather?

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