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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trash at the Watchdog. Not trashing the Watchdog. The pup having a mindful about trash.

This link.

I suppose the dog will bark until every road is a toll road, privately owned, for profit; a toll booth at every intersection.

And municipal water? Why pipe that to a home, when they can buy it by the spring-water bottle twelve-pack, private sector, Coborns or Cub.

The fact is municipalities in Minnesota can form and manage utilities. It's entirely legal. Indeed, Ramsey has a charter provision on the question, this link, beginning:

Sec. 11.1. - Acquisition and operation of utilities.

The city may own and operate any gas, water, heat, power, light, telephone or other public utility for supplying its own needs for utility service, or for supplying utility service to private consumers or both. It may construct all facilities reasonably needed for that purpose, and may acquire any existing utility properties so needed; but such action shall only be taken by ordinance, which shall not be an emergency ordinance. The operation of all public utilities owned by the city shall be under the supervision of the city council.

Sec. 11.2. - Rates and finances.

The council may, by ordinance, fix rates, fares and prices for municipal utilities, but such rates, fares and prices shall be just and reasonable. The council shall make each municipal utility financially self sustaining. Before any rates, fares or prices for municipal utilities shall be fixed by the council, the council shall hold a public hearing on the matter in accordance with section 11.6 of this chapter. The council shall prescribe the time and the manner in which payments for all such utility services shall be made, and may make such other regulations as may be necessary, and prescribe penalties for violations of such regulations.


Again, this link.

Feed that to the dog ...

Along with the homework ...

UPDATE: Ramsey could form, for example, a street maintenance utility, or a last-mile fiber to the home gigabit broadband utility. Either would be a lawful exercise of express charter power. As noted above.

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