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Friday, November 22, 2013

50th anniversary of Kennedy murder. A lone deranged gunman, firing multiple shots.

Oswald, shown in photographs and video, gunned down by Jack Ruby in front of cameras and cops, so as not to ever testify. No conspiracy, the commission said. Who's to doubt such awe-inspiring a cast of commissioners? It was Oswald, acting alone, Allen Dulles, J.Edgar, LBJ, the mob, Clay Shaw, Bay of Pigs, Ruby, and Garrision's inquiry aside,

Oswald. Acting alone.

Oliver Stone was just being un-American to make a few disingenuous box office bucks, from the movie.

I think D.B. Cooper did it. And there was a coverup.

That thing about parachuting from a plane in 1971 with a satchel full of cash was all trumped up, so that with things closing in on D.B. he was not available to testify. Sort of as with Casey during Iran-Contra times. North, acting alone ... (Have you noticed how those police artist renderings of D.B. were deliberately made to not resemble North? That says something, or was it Casey that hijacked the plane and parachuted?)

It gets somewhat nebulous and confused, more so, as time passes.

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